Comment bien hydrater sa peau pendant l’hiver ?

How to properly hydrate your skin during winter?

With the onset of cold weather, our skin tends to become dry. The skin feels tight, cracks, discomfort sets in... How to
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Why does skin become dry in winter?

The cold and the wind are external factors that impact the health of our skin. The skin plays the role of a protective barrier against external aggressions ( cold , dryness, pollution, exposure to UV).

To fully understand, let's take a closer look at the structure of our skin.

Several layers structure our skin:

- The hypodermis : deepest layer.

- THE dermis : thick layer made up of two proteins in the form of fibers (elastin and collagen). Elastin gives elasticity and collagen gives bounce to our skin. With hyaluronic acid, these two fibers form a gel which retains water within the dermis.

- The epidermis : outermost layer which acts as a protective skin barrier against external aggressions. It is made up of lipids (ceramides) and water: it is hydrolipidic film . THE ceramides play the role of cement, constituting a film raincoat.

An alteration in the structure of the skin (composition, lipid content) induces a degradation of this lipid film protective and can lead to skin dryness . The skin becomes dried And rough . Of the cracks may even appear.

To prepare for the winter cold, it is important to adopt a good hydration routine.

The golden rules for taking care of your skin during the winter period

- Stay away from overly aggressive care products: opt for naturalness !

- Wash your skin cold water . In fact, avoid hot water even during this winter period, because it weakens the skin by eliminating the protective layers.

- Choose shower milks or creams instead of traditional soaps to preserve the hydration of your skin.

- The skin must be free of impurities (dead cells) in order to promote cell renewal and derive all the benefits of moisturizing treatments. So, make scrubs occasionally. Don't overdo it at the risk of further weakening your skin and opt for a gentle facial treatment!

- Once your skin has been cleansed, moisturize it throughout the day: nourishing creams (winter dry skin cream, winter day cream), moisturizing serums and masks based on vegetable oils will be your beauty allies! This action will hydrate your dry skin from the outside (a winter face cream is suitable for facial hydration). This is the obligatory step for find nourished and hydrated skin.

Little tip: Use your moisturizer before bed. At night, the skin does not suffer from external aggressions. She takes full advantage of the cream. Effect makeover guaranteed!

Do not neglect the hydration of your hands , which are one of the parts of the body most exposed to the cold with skin hydration products (special dry hand cream, winter moisturizing cream).

Act to the exterior allows a result immediate . However, the cold affects the tissues deep down. An action of the interior allows you to hydrate on the In the long term , it complements the use of moisturizing creams, serums or masks. A In&Out approach turns out to be a complete hydration routine to obtain lasting results And effective .

How moisturize your skin in winter inside ?

- The first step to hydrate naturally is to drink 1.5 L minimum per day. Good hydration of the skin also requires the interior. For winter, teas and infusions will be in the theme!

- Reconstructing the protective lipid film of the skin involves balanced diet. A sufficient intake of Fatty acids helps maintain the lipid composition of the epidermis. You will find them in the oilseed (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds), vegetal oils And fish .

- Hydration through cosmetic products can also be supplemented by the use of food supplements.

The latter can provide the essential elements for maintaining a supple and softened skin . Some vitamins And minerals contribute to the maintenance of normal skin and protect it from oxidative stress.

The Poméol Research and Development department has selected specific active ingredients for skin protection. La Fabuleuse moisturizing cream combines silanol with hyaluronic acid allowing the restructuring And improvement the appearance of all skin types.

The aloe vera is a plant recognized for its properties moisturizing , softeners And restorative . Skin regeneration is ensured by Snail slime . The latter brings flexibility And firmness to the skin thanks to Allantoin and Glycolic Acid.

For a complete and lasting result , combine La Fabuleuse moisturizing cream with Antioxidant food supplement La Fabuleuse . It acts in synergy with the cream by limiting oxidative stress and allowing the maintenance of normal skin thanks to its star active ingredient: Pomadermine®-Q15.

Finally, the skin around the eyes requires special care due to its fragility. Opt for the Regard serum from Poméol. It protects and moisturizes your eye area and acts on bags and dark circles. Hyaluronic acid will hydrate your skin by creating a surface film.

Find out your skin type

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