perdre du gras et prendre du muscle

How to lose fat while gaining muscle?

Is your goal for the start of the year to lose the pounds accumulated during the winter? If the legend says that we cannot simulate

Common mistakes to avoid when trying to lose fat and gain muscle

Fat vs muscle battle? For lose fat All when gaining muscle , it is important to know the mistakes common to avoid . The first is to think that everything is necessary first lose fat before gaining muscle . Indeed, by reducing your calorie intake, you will lose weight. The number on the scale will certainly decrease, but you will actually lose fat and also muscle. These techniques for eliminating fat are absolutely not optimal since in addition to going against your goals, it will reduce the amount of energy that your body burns at rest each day (without any physical activity). And that’s not nice!

The second mistake is to think that you can lose fat and gain muscle by not doing as cardio exercises . Although cardio activity can help burn calories, it won't be very effective in creating muscle development. If it is not coupled with strength training, loss of muscle mass can occur.

The importance of strength training for losing fat and gaining muscle

What is dryness?

Muscle cutting is a technique commonly used by people wishing to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass. The principle of a dryer is to reduce calorie intake and follow high-intensity strength training exercises to burn fat while maintaining muscle. However, it is important not to follow a cutting diet too excessively as this can lead to muscle loss... but also nutritional deficiencies!

How to succeed in drying?

The secret to making it dry? Do sports intensively while following a muscle gain program. Don't panic, whether you are a trained athlete or not at all, the dried East accessible to everyone . You just need to adapt your pace according to your abilities in order to successfully gain weight.

Weight gain tips:

There are different methods to strengthen muscles such as squats, lunges, push-ups, bench presses and deadlifts. These exercises Heavy loads are particularly effective for targeting fat loss and muscle volume gain. Indeed, they help strengthen muscles and burn calories, which helps to effectively reduce body fat.

You can also include cardio in your fat loss program. It will help you lose more calories but remember that strength training is essential to gain muscle mass.

We remind you that muscle rest is just as important as the training itself. Be sure to give your muscles enough rest time between training sessions so that they can rebuild and develop .

We advise you to carry out muscle recovery for 24 to 48 hours between two sessions of the same muscle group. This helps avoid overtraining and ensures better results.

The best nutritional strategies to lose fat and gain muscle

What nutrition to gain muscle?

There are several nutritional strategies that can help you lose fat and gain muscle.

One of the tips for gaining muscle is to follow a balanced diet . That is, eat a variety of healthy and nutritious foods. Indeed, to succeed in your weight loss diet, you need to know the foods to avoid to lose weight.

So, reduce added sugars and saturated fats and favor foods rich in protein and nutrients.

Here are examples of foods to include in your diet menu:

  • Lean proteins like chicken, eggs and tofu
  • Vegetables such as greens, tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes or mushrooms
  • Cereals like brown rice, quinoa or oatmeal
  • Healthy fats (especially omega 3) such as nuts, avocado and olive oil.

The other strategy is to follow a total calorie deficit, i.e. create a negative balance . For this, you must burn more calories than you take in . This method limits potential fat gain.

Be careful, still make sure you consume enough nutrients and in particular not stop eating carbohydrates to maintain your energy and nutrition levels while practicing physical activity.

What to eat after sport to gain muscle?

20 to 30 minutes after training , the absorption of nutrients by the body and in particular by the muscles occurs more easily and quickly. This is called the phenomenon of metabolic window . It is therefore the best time to have a snack . So, consider consuming protein at the end of your workouts. They help speed up the process of rebuilding muscle fibers.

Here is an example of a dry meal as a snack:

A post-exercise snack can consist of a banana and skyr . In fact, bananas allow you to regenerate your glycogen stores. Being an alkaline fruit, it will also help you counter the acidity caused by your session. Additionally, low-calorie, high-protein skyr will boost your muscle recovery.

Drink plenty of water to dry off!

It is also essential to drink enough water during a dry period. Water helps eliminate toxins and maintain hydration following water loss linked to sporting activity. You can also opt for sparkling water which will allow you to counterbalance the loss of minerals eliminated by sweat.

How to balance your training and nutrition to lose fat and gain muscle?

We advise you to set yourself a weight loss planning adapted to your pace . There is no point in setting yourself a program that is too intense from the start, this will end up discouraging you or even injuring you. The goal is to listen to yourself in order to progress at your own pace and maintain your efforts over time . For example, to start, set a goal of two fixed sessions per week. You can then move on to 3 sessions when your body is used to your new lifestyle. The same goes for training duration, you can start with sessions of 15 min then 20 then 30... However, keep in mind that it is better to do 3 sessions of 20 min/week rather than a single session of one hour/week.

Be careful, the dry is not a long-term regimen , it should be used occasionally. However, after a cutting program, it is recommended to follow a balanced diet as well as regular exercise in order to maintain your results and avoid gaining weight.

1kg of fat 1kg of muscle?

Last little advice, Don't weigh yourself every day . The number on the scale may discourage you because it does not reveal your health or your efforts. Indeed, muscle mass is less bulky than fat. This is why you can become physically thinner but actually weigh more on the scale.

The role of dietary supplements in fat loss and muscle gain

Food supplement to build muscle?

It is possible to maximize your efforts slimming by stimulating the body by taking food supplements . These are not a miracle solution but will allow you to reap all the benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Our Research and Development department designed the food supplement  Lipo Reduce Firming Burner to support you in your slimming challenge. It helps to reduce fat absorption and body reserves but also to promote the increase in muscle mass. *

It is therefore the product to gain muscle mass while reducing fat mass.

Indeed, Coleus forskohlii helps regulate fat metabolism and promotes weight loss by helping to regulate the release of fat while increasing lean mass.

Then, Ascophyllum nodosum, for its part, helps to reduce the absorption of fats and eliminate their deposits.

*Efficacy study carried out on 25 volunteers for 30 days with dietary and physical recommendations.

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