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How to thicken your fine hair?

We reveal to you the secrets to giving volume to hair, taking care of your hair and giving it back its radiant appearance

Do you dream of having a dense and voluminous hair ? Is your hair doing its own thing? We explain everything about fine hair, dry and brittle hair! Daily care, actions to adopt... We reveal the secrets to give volume to hair, take care of your hair and give it back the radiant and healthy appearance it deserves. Objective volume gain !

First of all, what is fine hair?

Zoom on the structure of a hair:

A hair is made up of 95% keratin , a protein also found in nails. Keratin protects hair by forming a waterproof “greasy” film . 18 amino acids make up the hair such as cystine, methionine and arginine (amino acids included in the composition of keratin).

The structure is divided into three parts:

  • Bone marrow (or medula): center of the hair shaft
  • Cuticle : outer protective layer composed of scale cells. It is rich in keratin.
  • Cortex : Main component of hair with long chains of keratin which give elasticity to the hair. It also contains melanin (pigment) responsible for the color of our hair.

Genetics plays a large part in the thickness of our hair. Indeed, our genetic heritage defines the thickness of our hair from our birth. You may therefore have hair that is finer than average (around 70 µm). You will therefore have to take even more care of it!

Fine hair is characterized by a certain fragility and becomes brittle. Damaged hair tends to be dry. The ends become split more quickly.

Aggressive hair care , Sun exposure , stress , atmospheric pollution or hormonal changes : hair can be impacted and become thinner over time.

When blood microcirculation is impaired, the hair bulb no longer receives sufficient quantities of the nutrients essential for structuring the hair. The hair fibers become less dense, possibly porous, and the hair becomes thinner.

The goal is to thicken your hair … But then how to add volume to your hair ?

You are probably wondering if there are products to thicken hair (fine hair volumizer, food supplement for fine hair , fine hair for men or fine hair for women, hair and nail strengthener, hair capsule, etc.). Miracle cures do not exist, however you can adopt a complete care routine and suitable for thin hair And brittle .

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is a good place to start!

How to repair “broken” hair? Treatments to adopt:

A hair that is already split, by definition is considered very damaged and cannot be repaired. To start off on a good basis, only the hair cut is suitable.

Some advice for those who wish to find sheathed hair And glowing with health ...

  • Pamper your hair by choosing adapted care and products : silicone-free, fragrance-free and sulfate-free shampoo. Opt for the naturalness !
  • Make masks based on vegetable oils on the ends and lengths (castor oil, coconut oil, avocado, almond, shea, jojoba… the choice is wide!)

NB: Do not hesitate to mix oils to get the maximum benefits. For a maximized effect, let your mask sit overnight!

  • Space out your shampoos to avoid weakening your hair and to stimulate natural sebum production.

NB: Cold water your friend. In fact, it closes the scales of the hair shaft and activates blood microcirculation. Result: shiny hair and stimulated growth!

  • Visit to the regular hairdresser = healthy hair! Eliminate split ends and bring strength and resistance to your hair!
  • Straightening, blow-drying, coloring… avoid them! They weaken your hair. Favor drying in the open air and the use of natural dyes such as henna (natural sheathing of the hair).
  • Take care of yourself: a little scalp massage stimulates blood circulation and hair growth! Thus, the delivery of nutrients essential to good hair health is improved.

In summary…

Among the gestures and reflexes to avoid : wash your hair daily, use a hairdryer, brush wet hair (this weakens it), use aggressive care products, etc.

Among the gestures and reflexes to adopt : space out shampoos for the natural secretion of sebum, choose gentle and natural shampoos, make moisturizing and nourishing masks, let your hair dry in the open air, brush by hand or wide-toothed comb.

How to add volume to hair?

You can also play with your hairstyle to give the impression of volume. Curly, wavy hair creates the illusion of mass.

NB: Do not hesitate to do braids at night if you have straight hair.

  • The importance of diet to nourish your hair from the inside

A balanced diet will bring the vitamins and the minerals essential to your hair health . THE zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair. THE iron, meanwhile, plays a central role in oxygenation of the scalp .

A contribution in amino acids , main components of keratin , participates in the structuring of the hair. There Vitamin E plays the role of an antioxidant, to protect the hair from external aggressions such as UV rays.

Brittle hair what to do? How to thicken hair?

Act from the inside for results visible on the outside!

THE food supplements can give volume to hair naturally, or rather an illusion of volume with stimulated growth and slowed loss. However, they cannot change their deep nature and are not miracle products.

Fine hair dietary supplement , hair supplement, brittle hair supplement or even hair volume dietary supplement are examples of product titles responding to consumer demand for the best fine hair dietary supplement.

Our Research and Development department has selected assets supporting the hair density . There horsetail associated with bamboo (rich in silica ) promotes growth and strengthening of all hair types.

Safflower oil , with Plant ceramides help rebuild the protective hydrolipidic film on the surface of the hair for a radiant appearance and shine!

Our supplement for fine & brittle hair from Poméol with its heart of EXTRA STRONG Hair formula acts on the push her fall , the breaks , the color and the volume hair with proven effectiveness . Specific active ingredients such as bamboo, horsetail, safflower oil and iron have been integrated into the formula to fight against your fine and brittle hair. The keratin supply nourishes and coats the hair, providing it with structure and volume .

Find out your skin type

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