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Choose your slimming food supplements wisely

Balance your diet, play sports or even adopt a slimming cream or oil... To lose weight, the solutions

What is a slimming food supplement?

Associated with a healthy lifestyle and to a effective slimming cream , food supplements to lose weight are a asset considerable in your quest for weight loss. They can come in capsules, tablets, but also in an oral solution.

They alone cannot help you achieve your goals. But, associated with regular physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet, they are formidable. THE food supplement is an effective solution adding to other measures already taken.

They can have several actions:

  • fat burner or sensor,
  • drainer,
  • appetite suppressant,
  • flat stomach action…

They can also be composed of ingredients organic , from vitamins , minerals , plants , probiotics , essential oils and others active substances .

What are the different types of slimming food supplements?

Before choosing a slimming food supplement, it is essential to identify your problem. Depending on the desired effect, you will have to select your food supplement from a wide range of products with diverse and varied properties. Whether you are looking to eliminate cellulite , refine your figure , find a flat belly Or stimulate your body's energy expenditure , there are food supplement capsules adapted to your needs.

Draining food supplements

A drainer helps stimulate the elimination process and flush toxins and waste out of the body. People suffering from water retention and blood circulation problems are prone to weight gain. It is therefore in reducing water retention that we can promote weight loss.

The ingredients to consume to help drainage are: Meadowsweet, Green Tea, Celery, Fennel, Dandelion and Artichoke. At Poméol, two types of food supplements can act on water retention. HYDRO TONIC promotes the elimination of toxins and excess water thanks to the Fennel, Meadowsweet and Artichoke it contains and the TURBO LINE ULTRA DRAINER 72H thanks to its formula rich in Celery, Cherries and Artichoke (him again!).

Fat-burning food supplements

THE fat burning food supplements contain assets having the effect to eliminate fat . These sensors offer to reduce the subcutaneous fats unsightly and localized fats at the level of the viscera, responsible for numerous pathologies.
Most fat burners use the process of thermogenesis of the body as a mode of action. This principle consists of raising the temperature of your body thanks to the assimilation of certain ingredients such as pepper or chili pepper, having the effect of stimulating energy expenditure.

This is particularly the case of  LIPO REDUCE 1000 CAL de Poméol , which in addition to containing Cayenne pepper, is composed of 12 active ingredients of plant origin, lactic ferments and essential nutrients which break down fat and help to spend up to 1000 calories per day.

Food supplements for intestinal transit

Having a better ecosystem of your intestinal wall promotes weightloss . Stimulating the intestinal flora is therefore essential to allow your stomach to transform your meals into good ones. nutrients rather than bad fats and keep a slim silhouette. These probiotics generally contain fibers as well as ingredients that promote the digestive system. Based on horned trefoil, the  VitalPULSE Fortifying+ de Poméol provides you with all the help you need to stimulate the growth of your intestinal flora.

Flat stomach food supplements

Who has never dreamed of a flat stomach? Food supplement tablets dedicated to the abdominal area are very effective when they are associated with exercise and a diet low in fats , sugars and carbonated drinks. Fennel, Peppermint and Rhubarb top the list of foods to eat to have a flat stomach.
The Apple is full of pectin , a dietary fiber that promotes the elimination of food residues and stimulates the activity of digestive tract . Rich in Vitaphenol C2 , a powerful apple extract, and in Fennel, Rhubarb and Peppermint, the  TransitPULSE Flat Stomach 4 in 1 helps regulate the functioning of intestinal transit and prevent bloating. Effective action on your stomach from the first day!

How to optimize the effects of slimming food supplements?

To be effective, food supplement capsules must be combined with other healthy lifestyle recommendations.

  • Follow basic nutrition rules : to promote weight loss, it is advisable to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables at each meal. On the carbohydrate side, focus on low glycemic indices. Avoid eating processed foods that are too rich in bad fats and sugars. Tobacco and alcohol should be avoided for your weight, and for the health of your heart and your skin. Do not hesitate to seek medical advice to develop your diet.
  • Stay hydrated : Drinking enough water helps your body eliminate toxins and stay healthy. Hydration is the best care detox to provide to your body to successfully lose weight.

For lose weight sustainably , food supplements are real boosts encapsulated ! Drainer, flat stomach tablets, fat-burning effect capsules, there are them at all prices and for all objectives. Water retention ? Choose one drainer . Elimination of excesses ? Adopt detox tablets ! A slimming food supplement type product must be associated with a healthy diet to keep your body healthy. Anti-cellulite treatments, such as an oil or cream, can be added to your slimming ritual. Your slim silhouette and flat stomach are yours!

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