Comment bien choisir ses compléments alimentaires pour le bronzage ?

How to choose the right food supplements for tanning?

A tanned complexion all year round? We all dream of it! Prepare your skin for sun exposure without its share of sunburn? We
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A tanned complexion all year round? We all dream of it! Prepare your skin for sun exposure without its share of sunburn? We say yes! Help protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays? And how ! Sun food supplements, adopted in addition to good sun protection, can be your best allies as the sunny days approach or throughout the year. How to choose them well?

Why adopt a dietary supplement for tanning?

Ouch! First sunburn on poorly protected skin! Rest assured, there are solutions to counter the reddish effect at the start of the summer season. Dietary supplement tablets can help your skin heal prepare for the first exposure to the sun . Certain food supplements can also allow you to maintain your tan all year round.

How do dietary supplements for tanning work?

Thanks to a natural activation of skin pigmentation , Poméol sunscreen food supplements gently prepare your skin for exposure to the sun. Sunscreen tablets do not have therapeutic properties but can help your skin to improve. tolerate UV rays .

There are several formulas: some enhance your tan and refine your silhouette, others preserve your tanned complexion throughout the seasons. THE solar food supplements act according to the ingredients that compose them.

What ingredients can you find in your sunscreen food supplements?

The composition of sunscreen tablets may vary depending on the properties sought. Here is a list of great ingredients to find in your capsules:

  • THE selenium : this trace element, which is found in meat, seafood and even vegetables, helps protect against sunburn, facilitate tanning and slow down skin aging by acting against free radicals. He is also an excellent tanning preparer To obtain all these benefits, selenium must be consumed in large quantities, hence the interest in supplementing your healthy and balanced meals with capsules containing it. Several ranges of solar food supplements Poméol have in their ingredients selenium . This is particularly the case of SUN EXPRESS which prepares your skin for imminent exposure, SUBLIMATOR , ideal ally for a golden complexion in all seasons or MINCISUN capsules which, in addition to promoting skin pigmentation, help control your weight.
  • THE beta carotene : From the family of carotenoids , it is known to give a healthy glow. This natural pigment gives its color to carrots and tomatoes. When consumed, the beta carotene involved in the synthesis of melanin, which is the origin of tanning. This essential asset for the tan of your skin is present in all Poméol sun food supplements: SUBLIMATOR , MINCISUN , SUNEXPRESS And  SPRAY TAN . Its little extra? By his action anti-oxidant , beta carotene helps slow down the skin aging linked to UV exposure.
  • THE vitamins A, C and E : While vitamin A will help you promote cell renewal in your skin, vitamin C will be beneficial in the preventive treatment of aging of the skin. There Vitamin E as for it will improve your tolerance to intensive tanning. It acts in synergy with selenium and vitamin C to prevent the degradation of essential fatty acids .

How to optimize your tan?

Cream , oil , food , hydration ... there are many solutions to have a tanned complexion all year round at all costs! In addition to sun food supplements , consumed as part of a healthy diet, there are a certain number of beauty products and procedures to prepare your skin for tanning sessions.

Beauty steps to prepare for tanning

At the end of winter, or before exposure to the sun, go through the box scrub is essential. The scrub removes dead cells from your skin and enhances it. Attention ! In case of sunburn, it is strongly recommended not to exfoliate your skin but rather to moisturize it.

On the hydration side, we turn instead to a product formulated from active ingredients of natural origin to fight against premature aging of the skin, such as LA FABULEUSE New Skin Effect Cream . Another oil is also recommended in case of sunburn: coconut oil. Thanks to its virtues nourishing and soothing , coconut oil prevents peeling skin!

From the plate to the deckchair, there is only one step!

Because solar food supplements such as SUBLIMATOR , the MINCISUN , the SUNEXPRESS And SELF-TANNER  of Pomeol act in addition a healthy diet, it's important to pay attention to what ends up on your plate. Certain foods, especially those rich in Antioxidants , are well known for helping your skin stay healthy.
This is the case of the apple , carrot , tomatoes , beets or even blueberries. Our tip? Consumed in juice, they will give you the dose hydration that your day is missing! We can also think about integrating spirulina . Spirulina is a low-calorie algae, which contains a large amount of proteins and antioxidants such as the famous carotenoids which help in Sun tanning .

When it comes to solar food supplements, the offer is vast. To choose your capsules carefully, however, you must be careful about the list of ingredients that make them up. We favor capsules with plants and nutrients like those offered by Poméol and we adopt simple beauty gestures such as hydration And THE scrubs to maintain pretty golden skin .

Last advice, and not the least, apply sunscreen before each exposure to the sun, even if very short. Sunscreen is your best ally to protect yourself from the harmful effects of exposure and aging premature skin.

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