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Reduced energy: regain all your energy at the start of the school year

For many, going back to school is often synonymous with a loss of tone and vitality. The change of pace and the change of season
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Why am I tired at the start of the school year?

September passes but October gets stuck? Is the benefit of your summer vacation already far away? It's not surprising. Back to school represents for many of us a period of stress and fatigue . The deckchair and the naps are already far away, giving way to the hours of transport, the hundred emails to deal with and the autumn freshness. This mixture of factors tires both your body and your mind .

As soon as the tan begins to fade, your days become punctuated by yawning. It is clear, you are suffering from back-to-school fatigue. Luckily, this state is not inevitable. There are solutions for boost your vitality , reduce stress and face this healthy period .

How to fight fatigue?

There fatigue can be physical or intellectual . Your body, faced with an episode of stress or overuse, needs to be armed. How ? Your tone depends largely on your lifestyle. In addition to betting on a healthy and balanced diet , food supplements can be of great help to you in getting back on track.

What food supplements should you take to boost your energy?

To effectively choose your capsules food supplements for tone , you must rely on proven ingredients. Vitamins , minerals , iron , magnesium And plants having the virtues of boosting energy are all ingredients which act on fitness and immune defenses.

  • THE Peruvian ginseng : this anti-fatigue plant, also called maca, is a natural ingredient that stimulates the immune system and helps combat physical and intellectual fatigue.
  • There Royal jelly : rich in proteins , minerals , vitamins And trace elements , royal jelly acts on fatigue, stress and the immune system.
  • THE cola : powerful physical and intellectual stimulant, cola is composed mainly of caffeine . If you suffer from a temporary state of fatigue and an increased lack of concentration, food supplements rich in cola are a great ally.

Formulated based acerola , cola and royal jelly, the VitalPULSE Poméol boost stimulates your tone and improves the functioning of your immune defenses. Rich in vitamins And minerals , this food supplement acts effectively against temporary fatigue specific to the back-to-school period.

  • Acerola : this fruit, known for its very high content of vitamin C , restores vitality to weakened organisms. It helps to revitalize the body and soothe states of nervous fatigue. Suitable for the whole family, the food supplement VitalPULSE Vitamin C Extra Strength , helps to regain normal energy metabolism and reduce fatigue. The formula enriched with Vitaphenol C2 acts in synergy with acerola for an anti-fatigue effect.
  • THE magnesium : in nutritional treatment, magnesium participates, among other things, in energy production and protein synthesis. This essential trace element also acts on stress and muscle tone, magnesium helps your body spend the fall in physical and mental shape.
  • THE iron : iron is one of the minerals essential for the proper functioning of your body. Fatigue, even total exhaustion, are symptoms of iron deficiency. Contained in large quantities in spirulina, iron is consumed on the plate and through food supplements.

Change your diet

Getting back into shape starts with the plate. A healthy and balanced diet helps reduce fatigue and provide the fuel needed for your body to function properly. Autumn is full of seasonal fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins . Carrot, beetroot, broccoli, pumpkin, plum, grape, apple… the options are numerous!

If you have difficulty consuming these foods in sufficient quantities during meals, opt for juices. In smoothies, fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, help you replenish your vitamin stock. Little more ? Add a dose of spirulina to your ingredients to benefit from the iron and protein that it contains!

In fact, don't forget the proteins ! The amino acids they contain provide energy during their breakdown. An extra dose of tone for your body!

Resume physical activity

Contrary to what one may believe, practicing a physical activity regularly allows you to gain energy and reduce the feeling of fatigue . But, as we know, it is sometimes difficult to get back into sports, especially during the back-to-school period. Also, there is no question of starting an activity and dropping it 3 weeks later.

To maintain your goals, choose a physical activity that suits you. There's no point forcing yourself to go jogging if it's not your cup of tea.

Since back-to-school fatigue is largely caused by stress, you can also opt for the practice of meditation or yoga . Relaxed, it will be easier for you to fall asleep and recover well.

In case of prolonged fatigue, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor.

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