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How to take care of your beard?

Having a fuller beard, full of health and vitality is a goal for many men! Is this your case? You are
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However, patience is the mother of all virtues, especially when it comes to hair growth! Growing a beard requires time and regularity in your daily care.

Understanding the origins and causes of a lack of hair and beard

The main problem encountered by men when it comes to hair is the lack of density! Indeed, hair loss of genetic origin, called androgenetic alopecia , is hereditary and affects around 70% of men. Male hormones (androgens) are responsible for hair loss which can start very early in certain individuals (from the age of 18). The scalp becomes bald first at the temples, then from the forehead to the top of the head. The final stage is called baldness.

This problem also applies to the beard. Men seek to have a shiny , full beard without gaps.

A sparse beard (with holes) is explained by localized absence of hair. It can be due to genetics with a low quantity of hair follicles or slow growth cycles.

Beard growth also depends on age and hormones (testosterone).

Gap in the beard can also be caused by skin diseases. They can affect all hairs. Appropriate treatment allows you to regain normal and homogeneous growth.

External factors can also be the cause of a thinning beard such as stress or taking certain medications.

A quick zoom on hair growth, which is done in three stages:

  • The “anagen” phase corresponds to hair growth : when the hair emerges from the skin, from the hair follicle.
  • The “catagen” phase: transition phase, called resting phase, where the hair stops growing.
  • The “telogen” phase during which the hair dies and is replaced by new hair.

How to grow your beard and give it density and strength? What are the mechanisms involved in beard growth?

Here are 4 tips to achieve your dream facial hair:

To have a dense and strong beard , a suitable routine and a healthy lifestyle will be good foundations.

1. Get away from daily stress by doing, for example, regular physical activity. Know that physical effort is correlated with the production of testosterone , a male hormone involved in the mechanism of hair growth. No more excuses for not getting into sport!

2. Adopt a balanced diet which will provide you with vitamins (B3, B6 and B8) and minerals (selenium, zinc) to maintain your beard from the inside. These nutrients contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and beard.

3. Maintain your beard with the right products !

But then is the search for a product to grow a beard essential? Is there a revolutionary beard growth product? The wish of many men is to make their beard grow faster, to give it volume and density. If daily maintenance with appropriate gestures and care allows you to put all the chances on your side, unfortunately there is no beard growth remedy or miracle beard growth oil.

There is therefore no need to look for a product that grows beards in pharmacies as “beard accelerator” or “men’s beard grower”.

However, learning how to maintain your beard will allow you to give it all the care and love it needs to grow and develop optimally!

A daily routine of appropriate care allows you to maintain it effectively: scrub, beard oil, moisturizing care, trimming and brushing.

Every day, washing your beard with clean water helps get rid of impurities and regulate sebum. To this can be added regular scrubs to exfoliate the skin and prevent ingrown beard hairs. The skin is cleared of dead cells, blood circulation is improved and growth is facilitated.

Its hydration is also very important to cope with external aggressions (cold, exposure to UV). A hydrated and nourished beard will be stronger and more dynamic.

What to choose as an oil to grow a beard? For your hydration routine, you can choose vegetable care oils such as castor or safflower oil. These oils will restore shine and suppleness to all beard styles as well as your hair.

Finally, for its maintenance opt for a beard brush or a beard trimmer. For long beards, brushing is doubly beneficial: it stimulates hair growth and rids it of all impurities.

Trimming your beard will also stimulate growth while making the hair more resistant !

4. A complete routine to have a beautiful beard with food supplements

Food supplements are a good solution to complement daily care such as scrubs and beard trimming. For a radiant appearance, full of vitality , do not hesitate to take a beard food supplement. This is not a product that grows beards but helps to stimulate growth . They can be found in the form of capsules or tablets.

Poméol supports you in the daily maintenance of your beard and offers you a food supplement which contributes to the growth and beauty of your beard.

The Hair & Beard Capillary food supplement from Poméol meets your needs in terms of growth , density and strength . It activates growth, slows down hair loss and strengthens the anchoring of hair and beard.

The Research and Development department has selected active ingredients for the health of men's hair and beards for a sublimated appearance.

B-capipelin® , a polyphenol from apples, combined with arugula, promotes growth and anchoring for denser, stronger hair and beard.

Safflower oil provides shine and shine by strengthening the hair shaft. It hydrates the hair for a healthy, glowing appearance.

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