Comment avoir une peau nette, zéro défaut ?

How to have clear, flawless skin?

Learn to understand the causes of skin problems, from daily care to internal factors like hormones and stress

The desire to have a radiant, smooth and flawless skin is shared by each of us. We aspire to a uniform complexion , tightened pores and one natural glow . But how can we achieve this goal? What simple and effective tips can we implement daily to obtain a clear and radiant skin ?

To answer these questions, it is essential to understand the causes of skin imperfections and the functioning of our epidermis.

What is “problem” skin?

Our skin is a kind of protective shield, which houses small glands in its deep layers, called sebaceous glands , which produce sebum : an oily substance that lubricates and protects the epidermis. However, these glands are not found everywhere, they are absent on the nails, soles of the feet and palms of the hands.

Unfortunately, the sebaceous glands, like all organs, are not immune to disruption causing overproduction of sebum . This results in less homogeneous skin, sometimes oily, accompanied by irregularities and imperfections .

Normally fluid, it happens that this sebum solidifies in the channels, and this causes the formation of comedones . At the outer end of the sebaceous duct, in contact with air, comedones can clump with dust particles, creating what we know as " black dots ". The latter are particularly widespread on the middle areas, generally the oiliest (forehead, nose, chin).

Blackheads and other imperfections such as buttons are the result of inflammation due to microbial activity, whiteheads and acne alter the general appearance of our skin. THE complexion loses its radiance , skin texture becomes irregular , and the pores become visible .

Faced with these imperfections, we can feel helpless, desperately seeking solutions to reduce or even eradicate these characteristics of problem skin. But to fight, we must understand what is happening under our skin! Our quest for ideal skin is a fundamental battle, and understanding the internal mechanisms of our skin is the first step!

The physiological causes of skin imperfections: internal factors.

Skin blemishes may appear to be the result of external factors, but many times they have their roots within. Understanding these internal causes can be the first step towards healthy skin And brilliant .

  • THE endocrine factor : acne usually begins during adolescence but can also occur at any time of life and is often linked to hormonal changes . For example, taking contraceptives can disrupt hormonal balance leading to skin problems.
  • THE Stress also plays a major role in the state of our epidermis. Who hasn't seen a few pimples appear before or after a stressful event?
  • A unbalanced lifestyle : Our modern lifestyle can be the enemy of our skin. There dehydration due to insufficient water consumption, exposure to increasing pollution , smoking and the lack of sleep are all culprits of imperfect skin. Particularly tobacco, which constricts blood vessels, depriving the skin of adequate blood circulation and its radiance.
  • Digestive factor : a diet too rich in saturated fats , refined sugars and in processed foods can overload our digestive system. This leads to excess sebum during digestion, worsening skin problems. Dermatologists often recommend reducing fatty and processed foods, such as chips, cold meats, chocolate and processed cakes to improve skin condition.

You will have understood, it is crucial to understand that depending on your diet, your quality of digestion, your hormone production, etc. there is a direct correlation between the quality of the skin and what is happening underneath it . Hold a food logbook can be revealing. By observing how your skin reacts to different foods over a period of a few months, you can identify what works best for it and what causes it to struggle as well. Opt for one healthy and balanced diet , diversified in vegetables, fruits, spices, can bring notable and visible changes to the quality of your skin. In addition, purify your skin using detox drinks can help eliminate toxins, and thus allow the liver to function better and therefore contribute to the radiance of your complexion...

The essential actions for flawless skin

To obtain flawless and lastingly radiant skin, it is essential to implement a adapted care routine . Here are the key steps to follow for flawless skin:

  • Maintain healthy skin by deep cleanser . This step allows the skin to get rid of all impurities, toxins, and polluting particles, allowing your skin to breathe freely. Well-oxygenated skin is glowing, healthy skin!
  • THE daily care are essential for achieving smooth, radiant skin. Opt for products with a fluid, non-greasy texture, containing specific active ingredients that mattify the skin, control sebum secretion and tighten pores. For example, our Poméol Purifying Mattifying Serum which rebalances and evens out skin texture, for a zero-defect goal! This serum concentrates natural and precisely dosed active ingredients such as bamboo with absorbent properties, niacinamide and vitamin B6 which help to reduce the shine of the skin, the zinc-PCA antiseptic and sebum regulator complex as well as 2 regenerating organic essential oils. and purifying. It is made up of 98% ingredients of natural origin, is respectful of the skin and non-drying. Over time, rough skin gives way to smoother, more uniform, radiant and unified skin.

As you will have understood, the choice of products is just as important as the regularity of care.

  • Sunscreen : Use a light sunscreen in the morning to prevent acne scars from sticking and reduce marks and spots. Opt for an invisible formula to preserve the clarity of your skin.
  • Integrate a scrub once a week to eliminate dead cells, revealing a radiant complexion and smoother, clearer skin texture.

The new cells on the surface of the skin need to be pampered, which is why it is then advisable to apply a cleansing, purifying, mattifying, radiance-boosting mask to reveal the beauty of your complexion.

We have talked about topical care, but what can we do when our skincare routines and lifestyle habits are not enough to achieve clear skin texture? Integrate into your routine appropriate food supplements , such as Poméol Clear Skin supplement . This treatment offers lasting results: in a few weeks, imperfections disappear, the skin becomes mattified, the skin texture is harmonized and the pores tighten. By adopting this approach from the inside, you will put all the chances on your side to find your former skin, clear, radiant, and flawless.

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