Comment se débarrasser des cernes sous les yeux ?

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

Discover specific treatments to soothe and rejuvenate your eye area. From homemade compresses to cosmetic products

How to fight dark circles?

THE glance is one of the first things we see when we look at a person and it says a lot about their general state, their mood or their personality. (Shape, Joy, satisfaction, good mood, or on the contrary, fatigue, asthenia, exhaustion, low morale, etc.)

The eyes speak silently, betray your feelings, shine brightly when you are happy and darken when you are upset(), tired() or sad.

So, taking care of your glance then appears as obvious in terms of daily beauty routine ! In this blog, we reveal all our tips for enhancing your eye contour , illuminate your glance and fight long-term against dark circles, bags and fine lines!

The specificities of the eye contour

The eye area, also called the pre-orbital area , is the area where the skin is thinnest on the face, three to five times thinner

It is very often at this level of the face that we can find the main signs of aging, fatigue, dark circles, fine lines, more or less marked wrinkles and bags.

Indeed, repeated mechanical movements of the eyelids can lead to the appearance of signs of the times more or less early depending on the person. The mobility, fragility and extremely fine structure of the eyelids help to speed up this process. These muscles are located under the eye: a very vascularized area, abundantly provided with blood vessels and arteries.

With up to 15,000 blinks per day, we can agree that the eye muscles deserve rest and special care!

Dark circles, their colors and their meaning

Blue circles

THE blue circles are the most widespread and affect all age groups and genders. But good news: they are also the easiest to mitigate. THE blue circles are mainly caused by the transparency of the skin and the presence of small blood vessels. These vessels are depleted of oxygen, which is the origin of this bluish color.

THE blue circles also have other, more “broader” causes such as poor lifestyle , including lack of sleep, stress , the fatigue , as well as alcohol and tobacco consumption. These factors can be responsible for blood circulation problems leading to the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

THE stress can cause lymphatic fluid to build up under the eyelids, causing puffy eyes and dark circles. Regarding tobacco, it hinders the circulation of fluids, which causes edema under the skin and weakens the area under the eye.

Alcohol, on the other hand, promotes water retention, which can lead to swelling under the eyes, which can then lead to the appearance of bags under the eyes in situations of stress and anxiety.

Brown dark circles, also called dark circles , darken the glance . They are linked to a significant accumulation of pigments (melanin) located under the eye contour. There are hereditary predispositions for this type of dark circles, they are found in particular among people with dark skin, of origin from the Maghreb, India, Pakistan, South-East Asia, etc.

Using illuminating concealer products can be a good solution to reduce this type of dark circles and enhance the light around the glance .

THE purplish dark circles or dark red color can be caused by several factors such as water retention or poor blood circulation or even significant fatigue.

Puffy dark circles

They are due to the formation of a small subpalpebraal edema generally whitish in color.

Hollow dark circles

These dark circles are mainly the result of aging facial tissues. With age, there is a reduction in muscle and fat mass around the eye, particularly in the inner corner near the levator ala muscle, creating an inverted V-shaped hollow. Conversely, in younger people, this area is naturally more filled with fat, which has the effect of filling this hollow.

Our advice for preserving the eye contour and reducing dark circles

For To soothe the optic nerve , gently place the palms of your hands in the shape of shells on your open eyes. Do this in a slightly darkened room to prevent light from passing through your fingers. Take slow, deep breaths for a few minutes. Repeat this several times a week or even every day if possible.

THE salt water compresses are recommended to reduce puffiness, as salt attracts water (use a teaspoon of sea salt in a small bowl of warm water, preferably distilled). Carefully place the compresses under your eyes, ensuring that they do not come into contact with your eye. Leave the compresses until they cool. As an alternative, cornflower water in compresses can also help to tighten distended tissues and provide a decongestant effect.

Use the “back of the spoon” technique by gently placing a cool spoon previously placed in the refrigerator on the contours of your eyes. This will promote drainage and soothe the area.

THE cucumber slices are not just a myth: thanks to their decongestant properties, they refresh and revitalize the eye contour . The 5 fruits and vegetables a day are not just on the plate!

When your eyes are a little swollen, choose light creams and not too oily to treat the famous “crow’s feet”.

Be gentle with your eyes: avoid applying masks (unless specifically recommended) to your upper and lower eyelids.

Choose a gentle make-up remover, specially designed for the eyes, such as Poméol make-up remover oil. to effectively and delicately remove makeup thanks to its gently dissolving oils.

Opt for gentle cosmetic products tested for the eyes, which will reduce bluish dark circles by stimulating circulation and toning the skin.

And to prevent the appearance of dark circles, don't forget to regularly apply sunscreen. , especially if you spend time outside in the city or on foot. This will help you not accentuate the color of the dark circles.

Food supplements to fight dark circles

Food supplements can be very effective in acting from the inside, against dark circles. Poméol offers a unique, innovative and natural solution with its IN & Out Regard treatment , which helps to reduce the marks of time, age and fatigue.

This comprehensive approach, both effective and natural, acts in synergy from the inside and outside for visible action on the eye contour. Its decongestant action stimulates circulation, drains and eliminates excess water and fat in this area.

In addition, the anti-aging active ingredients at the heart of Poméol Eye Serum help restore firmness to the eye area, reducing the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. The skin regains its suppleness and tone for a glance better defined, firmed and smoothed.

The IN&OUT duo Regard Poméol is to be used for a glance lastingly magnified, which regains its youth and freshness.

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