Comment atténuer ses rides efficacement ?

How to reduce wrinkles effectively?

In this article we will discuss the best anti-aging beauty routine and good habits to preserve your youth.

Wrinkles do not appear overnight, and are closely linked to the natural process of skin aging.

Between 20 and 30 years, the production of collagen and elastin , two proteins essential to the firmness and elasticity of the skin , decreases naturally.

Over time, the skin loses its firmness and suppleness and suffers from a loss of hydration, leading to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In this article, discover how to effectively reduce and fill in wrinkles as well as the good habits to implement daily to delay this natural phenomenon.


Wrinkles, true indicators of skin aging, appear in the form of lines or folds across the entire face.

You should know that there are two types of wrinkles:

- Expression lines , also called dynamic wrinkles, correspond to the first wrinkles. They are the manifestation of skin aging and form on areas used by facial expressions resulting from repetitive muscular contractions. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes loose. Certain expression lines that appear more prematurely can become more accentuated and deeper, thus modifying the natural expression of the face.

The dreaded "crow's feet" at the outer corner of the eye, frowns on the forehead, also called "frown lines", or the furrows between the nose and mouth called "nasolabial folds" are common examples of expression lines.

- Static wrinkles also called aging wrinkles, generally appear after age 40 and result from the skin's loss of firmness and natural elasticity. These wrinkles are frequently observed on the lower part of the face or on the cheeks.


The development of wrinkles on the face is closely linked to the natural process of internal aging, characterized by the progressive loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid naturally present in our skin.

From the age of 25, the collagen level decreases by 1% each year, leading to a reduction in dermal support, elasticity and hydration of the skin. This disruption increases over the years with a depletion of up to 30% of the collagen capital around the age of 40.

There reduction in the level of hyaluronic acid, an essential constituent of the extracellular matrix, begins at the age of 20 and decreases by approximately 8 to 10% every 10 years. As a key element of the dermis, it contributes to hydration, tone, firmness and volume of the skin. Its loss intensifies from the age of 40, participating in sagging skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles . This reduction is influenced by skin aging as well as daily external aggressions, making the skin more fragile and therefore drier.

The development of wrinkles is also linked to oxidative stress, caused by various external factors such as:

- Frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun without protection adequate accelerates the oxidation of the skin, leading to premature aging.

- Unsuitable lifestyle : poor diet, alcohol, tobacco, stress, lack of sleep, pollution…

- Menopause , when estrogen levels drop, collagen production also decreases, accelerating skin aging and dry skin.

- A deficiency of vitamin C , essential for the proper functioning of collagen.

- A poor care routine cosmetics not suited to your skin type.


It is important to start taking care of yourself early, both inside and out, by adopting a healthy lifestyle to preserve your youthfulness. This must be supplemented by a suitable skincare routine in order to best prepare your skin to reduce wrinkles over the years.


First of all, it is imperative to limit your consumption of processed products and refined sugars , which are harmful to both general health and the quality of the skin. Sugar, in particular, alters skin proteins, such as collagen, thereby affecting the elasticity, suppleness and firmness of the skin, leading to the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Furthermore, it is crucial avoid the consumption of alcohol and tobacco , factors that promote not only wrinkles, but also dull complexion and the appearance of spots. A balanced and diversified diet, favoring seasonal products and a reasoned approach, is therefore essential.

It is recommended to favor foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits (apple, grapes, raspberry, apricot, dried fruits), vegetables (carrot, spinach, broccoli, pepper, parsley, eggplant), legumes, nuts, as well as green tea. These dietary choices help combat oxidative stress, thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

The daily integration of foods containing nutrients such as Vitamin E (avocado, wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, asparagus, etc.), vitamin C (pepper, orange, cabbage, etc.) and vitamin A (calf liver, oyster, etc.) helps nourish the skin, restoring suppleness and softness, thus delaying the formation of wrinkles.

Also bet on a Omega-3 intake by seasoning your dishes every day with linseed, camelina, walnut and even hemp oil. This will help your skin stay hydrated, elastic and plumper.

Finally, do not neglect the importance of hydration , consuming at least 1.5 liters of water per day to maintain healthy skin and prevent the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Sleep also plays a crucial role; adopt regular sleeping habits, favoring a supine position to avoid compressing the face against the pillow, which would weaken the skin. Using a mulberry silk pillowcase, known for its anti-aging properties, can also support skin hydration and limit the formation of wrinkles.


Paying special attention to your skin therefore becomes a priority to prevent wrinkles. By adopting the right techniques and appropriate care, it is possible to prevent the signs of aging.

Establish a daily and adapted skincare routine starts with the makeup removal , thus eliminating impurities accumulated during the day, preferably with a makeup remover oil to preserve the hydration of your skin.

Afterwards, gently cleanse your face with a cleansing cream to remove the last impurities and toxins, then rinse thoroughly and dab lightly with a towel.

Complete your cleansing routine by applying floral water or hydrosol, based on Damascus Rose or Helichrysum, both of which have anti-aging properties.

Once a week, include a suitable scrub to your skin type to remove dead cells on the surface of the skin and help smooth it. Continue this routine by applying a hydrating anti-aging mask in order to awaken radiance, firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Finally, apply daily morning and evening treatments adapted to the needs of your skin. We recommend our regenerating plumping serum , an anti-aging treatment unique, expert and innovative benefiting from proven effectiveness, specially designed for mature skin.

Composed of 93.9% ingredients of natural origin, it contains a star apple active ingredient :

Hyalupomme®, a combination of apple acid and vectorized and patented hyaluronic acid which promotes cell regeneration while hyaluronic acid plumps up and improves the elasticity of the skin.

This active ingredient is associated with other active ingredients recognized for their anti-aging effectiveness such as retinol, vitamin C, organic silicon, papaya and moisturizers such as Centella asiatica, pomegranate and organic aloe Vera.

It is applied morning and/or evening, alone or under your usual care cream and also occasionally as a mask in a thicker layer.

To complete your beauty routine, Poméol has created a skin plumping food supplement allowing you to act from the inside in order to benefit from a complete In & Out action.

Its innovative and effective formula addresses 3 major concerns of mature skin: wrinkles, lack of firmness and radiance of the skin.

It is composed of a combination of active ingredients to plump and protect the skin thanks to Nutricible® HYDR°ACE20 rich in vitamins, plant ceramides and hyaluronic acid, while preserving its youth with Shilajit, rosemary, collagen and vitamin C, coupled with a “healthy glow” illuminating complex with its copper and lutein active ingredients.

Easy to integrate into your daily routine, its dosage is 2 capsules per day, for a minimum of one month in order to benefit from all these benefits in synergy with the regenerating plumping serum.

Finally, to better meet your needs, integrate daily self-massage like yoga or facial gym, or apply your serum and treatment cream with Gua-sha strokes. This precise technique with movements going from the inside out helps to smooth, firm and stimulate lymphatic circulation. You can also consider treatment in an institute with the Kobido massage , known to prevent and reduce the impact of skin aging.

In short, to effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the entire face, a daily routine based on a healthy lifestyle and the choice of appropriate skincare products is essential. Your skin and well-being will thank you!

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