Comment reconnaître et prendre soin d'une peau sèche ?

How to recognize and take care of dry skin?

Find out how to recognize and take care of dry skin in this article. You will learn to identify the signs, e.g.

We often tend to confuse a dry skin and an dehydrated skin , however, these are two very distinct conditions, which require different solutions. Here, we explain everything about dry skin: its origins, how to identify it and above all how to combat it! A perfect guide to saying goodbye to dry skin.


It is first of all essential to understand that dry skin is a constant (or natural) skin “type”, which requires appropriate daily care.

Due to its nature, dry skin has a low lipid content because the sebaceous glands do not secrete enough sebum (lipid). She also lacks hydration because its protective barrier is thinner than normal and fails to retain water. This has the effect of affecting the functions and effectiveness of the hydrolipidic film , which has a direct effect on the hydration state of the skin . The hydrolipidic film is a thin, invisible layer that covers the entire body and is an integral part of the skin barrier. It consists of an aqueous phase and an oily phase, which regenerates constantly in order to respond to its various functions, in particular protect the skin against external aggression, climate change, pollution, etc.). Also, it ensures the maintenance of a normal hydration level.

Unlike dry skin, dehydrated skin is a temporary skin condition that can affect all skin types (whether combination, oily or dry). It is often observed following a beauty routine unsuitable for poor lifestyle or during a change of season. In this case, the skin loses moisture, making it drier and uncomfortable. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional or go to the Poméol store to make your skin diagnosis !


Dry skin often causes discomforts and feelings of tightness on a daily basis.

Generally, dry skin is thinner, with tighter pores. It is sensitive and reactive skin, prone to irritation, redness and itching.

To the touch, it appears rough, it lacks elasticity and softness.

It is also common for it to present flaking (in other words the skin peels slightly in certain areas).


The factors responsible for dry skin are numerous and varied. They may have external origins linked to the environment such as wind, cold, sun or being caused by an inappropriate care routine. Their causes can also be internal, because they are linked to poor lifestyle, insufficient daily hydration or aging. Before moving on to the actions to be implemented, be sure to identify the possible causes of YOUR dry skin in order to implement an appropriate lifestyle as well as a adapted care routine.


It is important to integrate into your daily life, a healthy lifestyle to preserve your skin and prevent premature aging.

In case of dry skin , the balance between nutrition and hydration plays a vital role in reducing discomfort.

This involves maintaining a correct hydration , because water is vital for the body, and it helps improve the appearance of the skin by promoting elimination. This may seem obvious but don't forget that it is recommended to consume 1.5L of water on average per day!

You don't have the gourd reflex? A daily intake of fruits and vegetables, naturally rich in water also allows you to easily and effectively increase hydration levels (turn to cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, eggplants, zucchini, watermelons, etc.).

It is recommended to have a adapted diet to promote the intake of certain essential micronutrients. This includes consuming high-quality essential fatty acids such as foods rich in Omega 3 (present in small fatty fish, chia seeds, flax seeds, camelina oil and oilseeds) as well as omega-9 (present in olive oil and avocado).

It is also advisable to consume foods rich in vitamins such as vitamin A (present in parsley, carrots, spinach, etc.), vitamin C (present in citrus fruits, peppers, kiwis, blackcurrants, etc.), Vitamin E (present in avocados, sardines, etc.), and vitamin B5 (present in mushrooms, red meat, egg yolks, etc.) These vitamins promote cell renewal , hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis, stimulate the production of collagen and protect the skin from free radicals.

Also, trace elements such as the selenium (present in Brazil nuts, fish and scallops), zinc (present in legumes, crustaceans and oilseeds) as well as the copper (present in cocoa, Brazil nuts and oysters), will help preserve skin elasticity while fighting against skin aging.

It is recommended to limit the consumption of coffee, alcohol, sugary drinks, and tobacco because they accentuate dryness of the skin.

In addition, it is important to protect yourself from the sun and UV rays, which are the cause of accelerated skin aging. Using sun protection is therefore essential for the skin.

It is also advisable to avoid excessive heat sources, such as hot showers and baths, as well as saunas, as these factors can dry out the skin, causing discomfort.

It is important to adapt your skincare routine to avoid skin problems by abandoning all abrasive products and accessories such as makeup remover cottons, in favor of products containing moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients.


Dry skin deserves to be gently pampered, it is therefore essential to opt for cosmetic products and gentle gestures that will respect this type of skin. skin.

The first step of this ritual is divided into two stages. First of all, gentle makeup removal is essential, avoiding the use of cotton pads. You can opt for a cleansing oil which preserves the pH of the skin, makes it more supple, and protects it from dehydration.

Then, follow with a soap-free facial cleansing to avoid any irritation. Opt for gentler textures, like a milk or a cleansing foam. It is important not to rub the face but to massage it gently. Then rinse thoroughly and dry your skin by patting it gently with a towel.

After rinsing with water which is often hard and aggressive for the skin, you can apply a flower water or one hydrosol to soften the skin. For example, orange blossom hydrosol can soothe and regenerate the skin while linden hydrosol can make it softer and hydrated.

As a second step, you can perform a gentle scrub , to be done maximum once a week. Opt for a scrub enzymatic , which will act deeply and gently exfoliate without irritating the skin. This will help eliminate accumulated flaking.

Then, 1-2 times a week, you can apply a nourishing and soothing mask. Choose a mask with ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, argan oil or borage oil, as they are restorative and regenerating. These masks will provide the essential fatty acids necessary for to feed the skin deep down.

The third step is the most important and must be done daily. It involves the application of moisturizing care designed to protect, nourish, regenerate and soften the skin, while providing it with the comfort it needs.

This is the case with our brand new soothing moisturizing serum , La Fabuleuse, specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. This serum fully meets the hydration needs of dry skin. Its formula is natural and respectful, composed of 99.7% ingredients of natural origin.

It offers a optimal comfort , while protecting and making the skin more supple. Expert active ingredients selected to guarantee optimal hydration.

The flagship active ingredient of this serum is Cicapomme®, a combination of apple acids and sugars, which promotes the formation of a film moisturizing while stimulating cell regeneration. It is associated with silicon coupled with hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight to ensure restructuring and skin protection . In addition, we find bee honey elixir, which restores the skin flora, as well as shea butter and jojoba wax for their nourishing properties rich in fatty acids.

This serum provides lasting hydration for the facial skin , repairs and soothes it.

You can apply it alone, morning and/or evening, or under your usual skincare cream. It can also be used as a mask in a thicker layer for more hydration. intense.

By carefully applying these few tips you will be able to rediscover the beauty of your skin, fight the skin dryness , and regain skin comfortable, soft and silky.

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