Cheveux abîmés : comment les réparer à l'aide des compléments alimentaires ?

Damaged hair: how to repair it using food supplements?

Is your hair dull, rough and breaks easily? Did you know that there are measures you can easily put in place to

Why is your hair damaged?

Although it is normal to lose your hair, there are signs that can alert you to your condition. If you're losing them in handfuls, lack luster, and lack softness, chances are the problem goes deeper.

Many are the causes which can alter the protective layer of your hair:

  • of the unsuitable hair products ;
  • of the repeated coloring and discoloration ;
  • A insufficient maintenance ;
  • a prolonged exposure to the sun ;
  • repeated use of a straightener or curling iron ;
  • a bad nutrition .

Whatever the reason your hair is damaged, know that it is not never too late to reverse the trend. Before heading straight to the hairdresser and cutting your hair, incorporating certain measures into your hair routine can make miracles .

How to repair your hair without cutting it?

Of course, cutting your hair regularly helps to tone it up and give it more body. However, sometimes, we would avoid going through the scissor step. But, it's a fact, your hair is damaged And brittle . Here are our tips for lasting repairs.

Adopt food supplements for hair

A food supplement for hair aims to help strengthen, stimulate and make your hair shine. Vitamins , minerals , trace elements , acids aminos essential ... they are a real cocktail of vitality for the most tired hair.

Choosing food supplement capsules for hair is not an easy task. Their number, which is growing rapidly on store shelves, does not make your task any easier. What ingredients should you find in your food supplement tablets?

  • There vitamin B6 : there vitamin B6 contributes to the normal synthesis of cysteine . There cysteine is known to be one of the main constituents of nails and hair. Thus, the vitamin B6 , or biotin, helps hair regrowth and helps make the hair fiber stronger, thanks to its essential role in the synthesis of amino acids such as cysteine .
  • THE zinc : food supplements formulated based on zinc are ideal if you suffer from hair loss. Indeed, hair loss is one of the main symptoms of zinc deficiency. Zinc also helps restore strength and vitality to brittle nails.
  • There keratin : natural component, keratin constitutes one of the main elements of hair. When hair lacks keratin , they are more likely to be brittle, dull and dried out. By adopting food supplement capsules enriched with keratin , you help your hair regain its natural softness.
  • THE copper : damaged hair often lacks shine. THE copper is a natural component that effectively fights dull hair.
  • There yeast : composed of proteins, vitamins and of minerals , food supplement capsules with a formula enriched with brewer's yeast help prevent hair loss and promote regrowth. Recommended mainly during the changing seasons, brewer's yeast food supplements are also effective for strengthening nails.

Rich in nutrients , in amino acids, biotin And keratin , the Extra Strong Capillary formula acts on the growth, strength and shine of your hair. These capsules, made without controversial ingredients, improve the feeling of the condition of the hair by 92%* . Thanks to the vitamin B6 , copper , the zinc and the keratin , your hair regains its vitality and volume .

The beauty of hair also, and above all, depends on what is on your plate. A healthy and balanced diet contributes to your health and the health of your hair. Food supplements are not meal replacements.

What beauty routine for your damaged hair?

In addition to food supplements, beauty procedures should be adopted to treat your damaged hair.

  • Choose products suited to the nature of your hair : to keep hair healthy, and thus promote its growth, it is essential not to use multiple products. Choosing the right ones is therefore essential for the beauty of your mane. THE HAIR Multi-regenerating spray of Pomeol is an intensive 2 in 1 solution that stimulates growth and immediately beautifies your hair while providing basic anti-hair loss treatment.
  • Treat your scalp : Exfoliating the scalp once a month helps rid it of pollution and dust to tone it and promote hair regrowth.
  • Limit heat sources : the use of a hair dryer, straightener and curling iron has the effect of sensitizing the hair fiber and promoting breakage and dryness of the hair. To avoid these inconveniences, apply a protective oil before using the iron or hair dryer and limit their frequency of use.

If, despite the use of treatments and food supplements, the abundant loss of your hair does not stop, it is strongly recommended to seek advice from your doctor. Hair loss can be a warning of a more serious health problem.

You can repair your damaged hair with the help of food supplements, provided you use the right tablets. Certain ingredients are known to come to the aid of the most sensitized hair. Opt for formulas rich in vitamins B6 , in keratin and in amino acids . Don't neglect your diet and your state of fatigue , which are largely responsible for the vitality of your hair. For optimal results, be sure to take care of your scalp, apply oil to your ends regularly and limit the use of hair irons and hair dryers.

*Average result of the satisfaction test conducted on 25 volunteers over 30 days.

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