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Menopause and sleep: our solutions for better sleep

Are you tired? Until now full of vitality, do you feel like you are losing energy at the slightest effort? It may be

Why is fatigue linked to menopause?

Fatigue is a warning symptom of menopause . The premenopause period constitutes for women a period of hormonal upheaval concluding with the end of the rules. Decreased production of estrogen by the ovaries, hormones which provide a feeling of well-being, causes a feeling depressed and tired .

To be related to menopause, fatigue must be accompanied by other symptoms :

  • hot flashes ;
  • irregular periods ;
  • shorter cycle ;
  • tight breasts ;
  • headaches ;
  • mood fluctuation and irritability ;
  • vaginal dryness .

These menstrual cycle disorders, accompanied by other signs of menopause, accentuate fatigue already present because of disruption hormonal . Menopause and fatigue then coexist and can lead to the appearance of uncomfortable sleep disorders.

Nocturnal hot flashes make the sleep punctuated by micro alarm clock . This seesaw sleep is not very restorative, especially during this period of great physical and psychological upheavals .

The slightest effort tires you physically? Menopause also causes loss of muscle mass .

How to overcome fatigue during menopause?

You will have understood, menopause is the sworn enemy of your vitality. To live this period more peacefully, solutions exist.

What solutions to fight against fatigue?

No, menopausal fatigue is not invincible. Treatments, natural or hormonal, ingredients and tips can help you.

  • Hormone replacement therapy
    THE HRT are treatments aimed at administering natural or synthetic hormones to replace those that the body no longer produces itself. These treatments can only be prescribed by a doctor and depend on the symptoms of the peri-menopause and their intensity. Their benefits on hot flashes and night sweats can be of great help when nights are disturbed and fatigue set in.
  • Food supplements for menopause without sleep disorders
    To help you fight against these inconveniences, there are formulas that respect your body, without phytoestrogen soy , which combine plants And nutrients for complete action on all disorders associated with menopause. Thus, we believe that there can be no concessions when it comes to physical and mental well-being during this period. So if you are of the same opinion, food supplements will be the effective solution to provide you with all the elements necessary to fight against fatigue linked to menopause. The formula of  MénoPULSE from Poméol acts globally on all the symptoms of menopause. THE pollen And yam , also found under the name of yam , allow better comfort and make this food supplement a valuable aid in reducing hot flashes and night sweats which compromise your peaceful sleep.

If your menopausal symptoms are accompanied by Water retention , THE  Poméol Hydro tonic Plénitude is a gentle and effective response to combat the inconveniences of this period. Need a little extra boost?  Vitalpulse Extra Strength Vitamin C will help reduce fatigue.

3 effective tips for sleeping well

During this pre-menopausal period, adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you reduce the risk of fatigue and have more peaceful sleep.

  • Have a balanced diet : your diet has a strong impact on the quality of your sleep. In the evening, avoid sugar, saturated fats and alcohol. In addition to protecting you from cardiovascular diseases, a healthy diet helps you approach the night in a lighter and more serene manner.
  • Focus on the right clothing materials : at night, put away pajamas that are too hot and materials that don't breathe. To better cope with hot flashes and night sweats, opt for comfortable and breathable cotton clothing or linen pajamas, a material known for its insulating and thermoregulation properties.
  • Take care of bedtime : going to bed is a ritual that should not be neglected. Remove all stressors and take time for yourself. Read that book that's been on your nightstand for months or listen to a meditation podcast. Relaxation helps reduce the frequency of hot flashes and allows you to sleep more peacefully.

How to fight against muscle wasting?

As you fall, your muscle mass gives way to weight gain , well known to women going through menopause. The more muscle the body has, the more it uses its fat reserves stored in adipose tissue for energy purposes. Therefore, the less muscle mass the body has, the more it will be tempted to store it.

Ladies, there is no need to embark on a drastic diet, your body is already under enough stress to impose a new one on it. The solution ? Stay active ! Practicing regular physical activity , in addition to preventing cardiovascular risks, allows you not to lose muscle mass during menopause and thus limit body fat . This maintenance of muscle mass is essential to stay in shape and avoid feeling the physical fatigue specific to menopause. Your health depends on it!

During this stage of life and with age, other health problems may be linked to your state of increased and lasting fatigue (diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, cancer). This is why it is essential to see a doctor to detect the first signs.

Every woman experiences menopause symptoms differently. This experience, specific to each, is however very regularly accompanied by tiredness . Hot flashes and night sweats interfere with your sleep cycles, preventing you from recovering effectively. To alleviate symptoms, solutions such as taking Dietary supplements may be recommended. In case of prolonged fatigue, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor or gynecologist. They are the only ones who can analyze your symptoms, prevent the risk of illness and prescribe the right treatments.

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