Rétention d'eau : les astuces et aliments pour s'en débarrasser

Water retention: tips and foods to get rid of it

Don't let water retention affect your well-being anymore! By adopting simple tips on a daily basis and consuming food

Don't let water retention affect your well-being anymore! By adopting simple daily tips and consuming draining foods, finally say goodbye to unpleasant swelling in your tissues.

“Having swollen ankles” is not only the expression that designates a person who is a little too pretentious, it can also be one of the manifestations of water retention !

When the body functions normally, water and the toxins are eliminated naturally through sweat or urine. However, if this system disorder , these liquids will not evacuate and will therefore accumulate in certain parts of the body (ankles, calves, thighs). This very widespread and quite uncomfortable phenomenon, causing unpleasant feeling of swelling , does not contribute to your well-being. However, it is possible to to get rid of thanks to simple tips as well as by adopting a food varied in properties draining.


Why does the body sometimes decide to store And accumulate liquids instead of eliminating them naturally? There are many causes to water retention, some of which are hormonal and hereditary , therefore difficult to control. Because of hormonal fluctuations , most women are prone to Water retention a few days before their rules or during a pregnancy. The hormones contained in contraceptive pills (estrogen, progesterone) can also be the cause of excess water in the body.


However, there also exists other factors on which we can (fortunately) to act . Indeed, the body retains and produces water thanks to a survival mechanism aimed at avoiding a dehydration and to regulate body temperature. This mechanism of compensation takes place when certain warning signs light up:

If the temperature exterior is too high and increases your body temperature.

During physical exercise and water loss due to sweat

If your water intake is insufficient

In case of immobility prolonged

If your diet is too salty

In case of bad traffic blood

If you eat certain foods promoting there Water retention

Some drugs can also be responsible for water retention, especially those for hypertension, diabetes or certain anti-inflammatories.


In a general way, water retention is characterized by a swelling at the bottom of the legs , calves , feet or some ankles , exacerbated in case of heat. Additionally, if you notice taking a few kilos while your diet has not changed, or if you notice an unpleasant sensation of swelling , this may correspond to symptoms excess water . There is thus two simple tests to find out whether or not you are affected by water retention:

THE ring test : if in the morning your ring turns easily around your finger and in the evening it appears difficult to move it or remove it, This could mean you didn't drink enough water and/or ate foods that were too salty.

THE pressure test : if you exercise pressure on an area of ​​swelling with your finger, and that the trace of this finger subsists a few seconds before the skin returns to its initial state, this may be the evidence of a Water retention.

Thanks to a impedance meter balance , it is also possible to obtain this indication according to the water mass rate obtained. However, if doubt persists, do not hesitate to consult your doctor Or pharmacist for a more in-depth diagnosis of water retention.


It is essential to refresh and of hydrate correctly throughout the day and particularly when you are in a hot environment : summer heat, overheated house, sport, sauna, hammam. Finish your shower with a cold water jet can be very beneficial for refreshing and toning your body easily, especially if water retention is heat-related.

A few simple tips exist for limit excess water in the body. For example, elevate lightly on your legs when sleeping will facilitate blood circulation. Also, don't wear clothes too tight and avoid staying a long time in position standing will also promote a good circulation . On a daily basis, it is essential to limit your consumption in salt and think about drinking at least 1.5L liquid! If drinking water seems too boring to you, don't hesitate to consume infusions , soups , naturally flavored waters with fruit or tea .

Practice a physical activity is also a great way to combat water retention. We find the walks , the bicycle , the yoga as well as water sports (swimming, aquabike).

For drain water from the body , it is possible to move towards products with draining natural active ingredients . These active ingredients are targeted to reduce water retention, such as fennel, meadowsweet or cherry stems.


If water is the preferred drink for eliminate water retention , we must not forget that hydration also goes through the contents of your plates! In fact, consuming water-rich vegetables such as the cucumber , radish , the salad , zucchini , celery , green cabbage , peppers , helps you stay hydrated. In the same way, the fruits rich in water as the watermelon , the tomato , the strawberry where the melon are among the foods recommended to prevent water retention.


Some vegetables are considered diuretic foods because they promote drainage And water removal in excess in the body. Among them, we find the ginger , the celery , fennel , artichokes , asparagus where the carrots . Moreover, the citrus such as the lemons , grapefruits where the Oranges , rich in anti-oxidants (vitamin C and flavonoids), help to facilitate the evacuation of liquids. The acidity of these fruits will also allow regulate sodium load.

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, eggplants, beets … Apart from their pretty purple color, these fruits and vegetables all have one thing in common. They contain antioxidant compounds called “ anthocyanin 's responsible for protect THE vein walls of the body and strengthen the immune system to act against the excess water.

Pineapple is also a fruit not to be forgotten thanks to its enzyme: bromelain , responsible for its actions anti-inflammatory And anti-edematous ideal for combating water retention!

However, fruits and vegetables are not the only ones to contain anti-water powers! In fact, the Whole grains and the legumes (brown rice, quinoa, lentils) are rich in minerals essential for drain And stimulate elimination water through the kidneys. These sources of vegetable proteins contain fibers making it possible to regulate the digestive system and fight against constipation.

Consume rich foods in potassium helps regulate the sodium present in the body, and responsible for water retention. Potassium is found in particular in lawyers , pistachios , bananas , Sweet potatoes where the nut.


THE first reflex to adopt is that of reduce considerably the amount of salt of your diet. This famous condiment is one of the causes of this uncomfortable water retention. It encourages the body to store liquids , and cause a accumulation of water in tissues. It is therefore advisable to avoid to add salt to their preparations and to limit the consumption of industrial dishes much too rich in salt. Replace the salt with spices or some herbs allows you to enhance the taste of your dishes without risk excess water for the body.

THE cheese , cold cuts where the classic chips are part of the food too salty to banish from your daily life if you want to effectively eliminate water retention. However, it is possible to replace them with low-fat vegetable chips in salt, cooked ham or lightly salted cheeses such as Emmental .

Some commercial soups also contain a lot of salt, just like Asian sauces , some preserves , olives where the anchovies . It is therefore appropriate to pay attention to the salt content food before consuming it. THE nutritional labels industrial foods could give you unpleasant surprises!

Due to its significant composition in sugars, alcohol is responsible for a poor elimination of fluids . Alcohol goes dehydrate the organism which will therefore compensate for by retaining liquids. Stop Or curb your alcohol consumption will help your body drain this accumulation of water. Do not hesitate to replace alcoholic drinks with fruit juices, green tea or flavored waters with lemon, cucumber, mint and ginger, known for their diuretic properties natural.


Morning :

- A protein share of your choice (vegetable example: oilseeds, plant-based drink/yogurt, etc. or animal example: egg, goat's or sheep's cheese, ham)

- A share of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index of your choice (example: oat or spelled flakes, slice of wholemeal or semi-wholemeal bread

- A lipid content Omega-3 of your choice (example: chia seeds, squash seeds, avocado, oilseed puree

- A green vegetable juice (e.g. celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, apple, etc.)

- A infusion (dandelion, birch, meadowsweet, nettle or blackcurrant, etc.) or green tea

Noon :

- A protein share your choice (example: white fish, white meat or egg)

- A share of cereals your choice (example: quinoa, buckwheat, millet, lentils, brown rice, etc.)

- A portion of vegetables of your choice of season (example: leek, artichoke, zucchini, fennel, etc.)

- A dessert type of choice: yogurt (example: sheep's milk, or vegetable) or cooked fruit (example: applesauce, peach and mint soup, etc.)[JP3]

Snack (optional, if necessary):

- A handful of oilseeds (example: almond, walnut, hazelnut, etc.)

- A fresh seasonal fruit

- An infusion (dandelion, birch, meadowsweet, nettle or blackcurrant, etc.) or green tea

Evening :

- A portion of vegetables of your choice of season (example: seasonal vegetable soup, gazpacho, etc.)

- A share of cereals your choice (example: quinoa, brown rice, millet, etc.)

- A dessert type of choice: yogurt (example: sheep's milk, or vegetable) or with cooked fruit (example: applesauce, peach and mint soup, etc.)


In order to drain water from the body, it is also possible to move towards complementary care with natural draining active ingredients .

This is the case of our dietary supplement Poméol® Slimming Drainer allowing fight against water retention , lack of firmness as well as watery cellulite.

Its unique formula designed with our star active ingredient Hydromarc ® from apple, promotes microcirculation thus facilitating the elimination of cellulite but also excess water. It is associated with 15 concentrated active ingredients recognized for their effectiveness, such as meadowsweet, fennel or even cherry stems, which allow draining and destocking of padded areas with the aim of weight loss.

Its dosage is 2 tablets per day to be taken with a large glass of water in the morning, accompanied by 1.5L of water per day, for 30 days, renewable if necessary.

To complete its action, it is possible to apply HydroTonic® Firming Slimming Oil which will allow drain excess water, tone And reduce the appearance of dimples .

The skin will firm up and become smoother thanks to its formulation rich in active ingredients of Hydromarc ® from apple combined with 2 organic vegetable oils: sesame and apricot, as well as vegetable oil from green coffee beans, and 4 organic essential oils of grapefruit, rosemary, Atlas cedar and wintergreen.

It is applied daily morning and/or evening, using upward movements on the infiltrated areas until the oil penetrates.

By following all these tips you will eliminate your water retention more easily and quickly, but above all you will improve your lifestyle!

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