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Which food supplement to choose against hair loss?

The health of your hair reflects your overall physical and mental health. Hair loss, otherwise known as alopecia
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Why take a food supplement against hair loss?

Whether long, short, curly, frizzy, straight with or without volume, hair, just like skin, is the primary seductive asset of a woman or a man. If they grow on average one centimeter per month, it is completely normal to lose several dozen per day. Unfortunately, to take care of it, it is not enough to have a stock of hair care products. A beautiful mane, full of volume and shine, requires above all a good diet.

Causes of hair loss

Age, nutritional deficiencies, lack of vitamins and minerals , the change of season , expecting a baby , or bad products And bad beauty routines are all reasons that can accelerate the loss of your hair and damage it.

What do we want? Healthy hair and volume at all costs! For a long-term anti-hair loss effect, you must act at the heart of the problem by adopting the right beauty procedures. The solution ? Bet on A balanced diet which provides hair with all the nutrients necessary for good health. Don't panic, if you don't have a “top-chef” pantry at your disposal, you can always add products such as food supplements .

Food as a complement to care

Do you have an ultra-effective shampoo? GOOD. Hair care, oil and treatment adapted to the nature of your hair? Perfect ! A stock of brewer's yeast, known for its properties on hair regrowth? Awesome ! But, did you know that what happens on your plate also has consequences on your hair fiber?

Our advice? Choose fresh foods, organic , rich in protein , vitamins and in minerals . Salmon, full omega-3 , fatty acids , proteins and of vitamin D , helps to cleanse the scalp and slow down the natural aging of your hair cells. The egg meanwhile, preferably organic, is hyper-protein. It supports the production of keratin and, mixed with olive oil, can also be applied as a cream to take care of your ends.

Vegans are not left out since the cumin , the thyme , spirulina , oil organic castor where the sesame help prevent hair loss for even more volume! The little extra? They are also good for taking care of your skin!

What food supplements against hair loss?

Your lethal weapon? A cure of vitamins C, E, B6 , biotin and of zinc which will strengthen your hair and help fight against hair loss. For this, the food supplements Poméol HAIR Hair and Nails help maintain good hair health. One tablet per day is enough to support hair growth, strength, volume and color while helping to stop hair loss and breakage.

These food supplement capsules based on active ingredients of apple, plants, nutrients, of amino acids and of keratin , are paraben-free , without titanium dioxide , without silicon or other controversial substances. Healthy hair in a healthy body!

The anti-hair loss power of apple food supplements

If until now the apple was known to act as a barrier to cholesterol , it is also one of the richest and most natural sources of polyphenols . These powerful antioxidants , present in food supplements Poméol CAPILLARY Hair and Nails , helps fight against aging of the hair fiber .

It is in the  B-Capipelin , apple skin extract immatures harvested by hand between July and August which contains the precious polyphenol . By improving the microcirculation of the scalp and stimulating the growth of hair epithelial cells, the B-Capipelin contributes to optimal nutrition and an efficient and optimized hair cycle. Better nourished, it helps hair growth and regeneration.

THE Apple vinegar is also a product rich in nutrients . Renowned for its beauty virtues, it is also a powerful anti-microbial , antioxidant And rebalancing , known for its traditional use as an anti-dandruff. A rinse with apple vinegar will give you shine and reinforcement.

What's good for your hair is also good for your nails. Food supplements Poméol HAIR Hair and Nails also helps fight brittle and split nails.

These beauty gestures that save your hair

To provide a complete response to hair loss and obtain express results, here are two hair tips to no longer hate your hair like a dog and a cat!

Do not protect your hair from the sun . We like exposing ourselves from the first rays. Your hair is less of a fan! Our advice? Apply a protective sunscreen each time you are exposed and protect your hair under a pretty hat! Additional treatment to oil and to the keratin can help you strengthen your scalp and achieve better results.

Do not multiply products : Too much is the enemy of the best. We limit hair dyes, gel, hairspray, styling cream and dry shampoo. We prefer to apply a spray as a daily treatment to the B-Capipelin as the Poméol CAPILLAIRE multi-regenerating spray special for hair loss and loss of vitality .

Losing a hair is an integral part of its life cycle. However, capsules or tablets of food supplements based on principles apple assets , rich in vitamins And minerals , can help with growth, hair volume and the fight against hair loss. Combined with a good beauty routine, products and hair care based on keratin And oil , you are sure to maintain radiant, healthy hair full of vitality. Growth, volume and a healthy scalp are yours!

Find out your skin type

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