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Why does hair turn white?

The appearance of white hair is a natural and universal phenomenon. Learn to know them and take care of them, they will help you

The White hairs are a natural and universal phenomenon. Their appearance affects both men and women, and occurs more or less early depending on the individual. Today, many of us are hunting for these famous gray hair - white.

But then what is white hair? Where is he from ?

The color of our hair is due to the action of melanocytes located at the base of the hair (hair follicle bulb). These cells of the epidermis are essential for the hair pigmentation since they produce melanins.

But what is melanin?

It's a pigment which gives color to our hair. Two types of melanins exist:

  • Pheomelanin for yellow to red hair
  • Eumelanin for brown to black.

The proportion of these two types of melanins determines the natural color of our hair. For blonde hair, melanocytes secrete little melanins , unlike black hair which produces a lot of it.

Our hair color? A story of quantity of pigments. If melanocytes no longer produce melanins, our hair grows without pigment and appears white. A white hair is therefore quite simply a depigmented hair.

The origins and causes of hair whitening (canities)

Over time, the number of our melanocytes gradually decreases and the production of melanins with it! It is a fact : hair whitening , called canities , is irreversible and inevitable... It occurs when our hair is no longer colored by pigments (melanins).

The production of melanins by melanocytes can be altered by triggering events (stress, illness, aggressive hair care products, hair fibers exposed to the sun), smoking or by an unbalanced diet (nutrient deficiency: omega 3, vitamins and minerals).

Initially, white-graying hair appears. It is actually a mixture of white hair and colored hair commonly called pepper and salt . Over time, colored hair will be replaced by white hair, forming a homogeneous whole and giving way to white hair!

Why do some people have white hair when they are young?

The appearance of white hair generally occurs around the age of 40 . For some people, it may happen that the first white roots appear very early ( early canities ). There genetic can in particular explain these notable differences between individuals.

How to slow down white hair? Is natural “repigmentation” of white hair possible?

It must be said: when it comes to white hair, there is no going back... There are therefore no anti-white hair treatments or miracle anti-white hair shampoos. Repigmenting white hair naturally is not possible, the white hair will not regain its original color. However, the good news is that it is possible to delay their appearance and of give shine and radiance to your hair!

What to do against white hair? Or rather how to avoid white hair?

You wish delay the appearance of your white hair ? Here are the behaviors you can adopt now:

Adopt a healthier lifestyle . THE stress being a trigger for the appearance of white hair, adopt a “ Zen attitude ", get away from stress and practice physical activity so that you don't welcome them until as late as possible!

Refocus on a balanced diet , providing you with the essential elements for a good hair health . A diet rich in vitamins (vitamin B8) and minerals (selenium, zinc and copper) helps maintain your hair beauty from the inside.

What foods should you choose to prevent the appearance of white hair?

  • Foods rich in vitamin B8 : poultry liver, brewer's yeast , oilseeds (almonds, walnuts), eggs, whole grains
  • Foods rich in minerals ( zinc , copper and selenium): red meat, offal, soy, seafood, fish, whole grains and oilseeds (Brazil nuts)

Can food supplements be good solutions?

To our delight, it is possible to reduce the appearance of white-gray hair for a more radiant and pigmented appearance! It is therefore necessary to play on two parameters: the oxidative stress by providing compounds antioxidants and color by providing the cells with pigments specific for hair growth.

Melanin cure, white hair food supplement or even food supplement melanin is it an anti-white-gray hair solution?

Food supplements allow you to have a targeted action and respond to specific needs (reduction in the appearance of white hair).

The trend is natural, don't be shy to expose your pretty white hair and take care of it. For a radiant and radiant hair appearance, the Capillaire Cheveux Blancs product meets your needs.

Why choose the Hair supplement for white hair ?

At Poméol, the department Research and development selected specific active ingredients for targeted action to gain natural color, radiance, shine and strength.

Suitable for both long and short hair, the formula acts as a antioxidant protective shield thanks to apple polyphenols, vitamins, plants and minerals. This results in stronger and more beautiful hair , protected from premature aging. There red valerian , a amino acid (L-tyrosine) and copper act on the natural pigmentation of the hair and slow down its bleaching.

No more excuses for not bringing beauty and health to your hair, and especially to those that are bleaching!

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