Comment prendre soin de ses cheveux ?

How to take care of your hair ?

To have beautiful hair, you need to know everything about it!

Hair knowledge is the first step to improve or change the quality of your hair. The hair is made up of a visible because external part: the shaft, and an internal part, the hair follicle also called bulb or root. The stem, although characteristic, is not made of living matter and its color varies depending on the individual. The bulb, for its part, is a complex and living structure implanted under the scalp. It includes in particular the sebaceous glands responsible for the secretion of sebum in order to make the hair shiny, supple, hydrated and protected.

In addition, the supplies from blood vessels located nearby make it possible to stimulate the root and so hair growth. It is therefore essential that the scalp is a balanced and healthy environment, so that he brings essential nutrients to hair health.

How long does hair grow?

Hair varies enormously from one person to another, even from one hair to another for the same individual, it is renewed regularly: This is the hair cycle. The life of a hair is made up of three successive phases, real markers of its evolution:

  • The sentence anagen: the hair is growing, it grows by 0.4 mm per day, or 1.2 cm per month and 15 cm per year. It lasts 4 to 6 years in women and 2 to 4 years in men.
  • The sentence catagen: the hair stops growing for 3 weeks.
  • The sentence telogen: this is the shedding phase, the hair gradually falls out, pushed by the new hair in formation. This lasts 2 to 4 months.

This life cycle can vary depending on sun exposure, age, hormonal changes and environmental factors. Thus, hair is constantly produced and renewed via complex biological and chemical mechanisms, initiated during embryonic life.

Everyday attacks

" Who loves well chatises as well ! » This adage pretty well sums up all the harm that we consciously and unconsciously put our hair through. Some enemies of your hair are invisible, such as pollution and its dust, particles or organic compounds which are insidiously deposited on your scalp and your lengths. In the same way that the skin needs to protect itself from the sun, your hair must do the same or risk accelerating hair aging. On a daily basis, coloring, bleaching, stripping shampoos, excessive brushing or styling can have deleterious effects on your hair. Surround yourself hair allies is crucial to protecting your mane!

How to nourish your hair?

Just like the organs of the body, hair needs nutrients! But what does your precious hair feed on? Quite simply vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids essential to their composition and regeneration. Proteins are essential because they participate in the synthesis of keratin, majority constituent of hair.

However, keratin reserves can quickly become depleted, so it is necessary to provide them with nutrients that promote its synthesis. For strong and healthy hair, you must also consume vitamins that are effective for hair beauty. We find in particular vitamin B6, involved in the metabolism of keratin sulfur proteins and also vitamin C or E and their anti-oxidant properties. These vitamins contribute to the beauty of your hair and healthy hair growth.

Iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium and copper are trace elements involved in hair growth and regrowth. Iron and zinc play an important role in nutrition, volume and hair development. Your hair will be better oxygenated, strengthened and protected from oxidative stress.

Copper, for its part, contributes to optimal pigmentation both skin and hair, for enhanced color in your hair.

So, the beauty and quality of hair begins first and foremost on your plate. A healthy and balanced diet contributes to your health and nourishes your scalp.

How to make my hair grow faster ?

If you dream of long, flamboyant hair but don't want to wait forever, there are tips for growing hair quickly.

Quite simply, it is advisable to regularly trim your damaged ends to promote hair growth. Cut to grow back better, that’s the motto! Scalp massages when shampooing will stimulate blood microcirculation to allow you to have more hair. However, shampooing too much can have the opposite effect and weaken your scalp! So there is no need to wash your hair every day to take care of it.

Your hair growth can also be slowed down by tying it up daily. Indeed, ponytails or buns that are too tight will slow down growth, and that's not what we're looking for!

Natural care exist to boost your hair growth, because 1 cm per month is not enough! The objective is to accelerate hair growth, strengthen it, protect it and quite simply beautify it.

THE MULTI REGENERATING SPRAY® Poméol combines a revitalizing and restructuring action thanks to a solution concentrated in natural active ingredients. By associating the action of B-capipelin® with the benefits of other recognized active ingredients such as cysteine, keratin and panthenol, the spray comes to the aid of your hair. They grow faster, fall less and are intensely regenerated and nourished. Increase the growth of your hair through daily actions and appropriate effective care, and the lengths are yours!

What natural food supplement for hair growth?

If everything could be concentrated in one take, wouldn't life be easier?

It is now possible thanks to food supplements, real concentrates of vitality for your hair exhausted from daily aggressions. By acting from the inside thanks to hair food supplements, but also from the outside thanks to suitable shampoos, treatments or sprays, your hair will only be able to thank you!

The natural food supplement EXTRA STRONG CAPILLARY Poméol® promotes hair growth, strength and color for revitalized hair. This natural food supplement has been developed to guarantee hair growth and regeneration.

The action of the B-Capipelin, a natural active ingredient containing selective extracts of apple polyphenols, helps slow down a natural enzyme slowing down hair development. Hair is thicker, more strengthened, growth is stimulated thanks to 1 tablet per day of this natural food supplement. The growth rate is doubled in just 28 days, and the hair gains in glow, in volume and in density.

Other active ingredients such as vitamin B6, biotin, zinc, vitamin C and E as well as blueberry act synergistically in this hair food supplement to help hair regrowth, growth and strengthening. By including this natural food supplement in your hair routine, by adopting the right daily actions to limit external aggressions, and by always maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, you are giving your hair the winning cocktail. They will be denser, more beautiful, stronger, brighter thanks to the combination of food supplements and a spray with formidable actions.

Find out your skin type

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