Comment préparer sa peau à affronter les rayons du soleil ?

How to prepare your skin to face the sun's rays?

If you already feel ready to warmly welcome the first rays of the sun, what about your skin?

Prepare exposing your skin to the sun is a step that should not be neglected to promote a lasting, tanned tan or avoid any skin damage ! Don't they say that prevention is better than cure?

To sport a tan uniform And Golden all summer, it is important to start sunny routine since the spring . The long-awaited sunny days warm up temperatures, but can also to alter the beauty of your skin.

Between hydration , food healthy and sun food supplements , properly preparing your skin for the sun cannot be improvised! Poméol invites you to discover the winning cocktail for golden, sublimated, and above all healthy skin.

Why does skin need to be prepared for the sun?

The skin is an organ fragile And complex who has several key roles within the organization. Its role of barrier helps protect the human body from all external attacks such as cold, pollution or chemicals. The skin also helps regulate body temperature and to naturally synthesize a vitamin essential to the body under the action of UV rays: vitamin D . But did you know that solar exposure is one of the largest daily attacks for your skin? It is therefore essential not to exhaust one's solar capital in preserving the beauty and health of your skin.

Skin that has not been exposed to UV rays of the sun for several months is particularly vulnerable , and exposed to various risks. Indeed, unprepared and uncontrolled exposure to the sun can have deleterious effects . beyond painful sunburn , the skin may be more prone to allergies or the occurrence of dangerous melanomas !

Prepare your skin for reasoned exposure allows you to obtain a pretty tanned complexion , but also to protect yourself as much as possible against radical free induced by UV radiation. These free radicals can harm your skin by generating oxidative stress for skin cells and accelerating the skin aging process .

Hydrate your skin to reveal its radiance

So that the skin can effectively carry out its role of physical barrier , it needs to be hydrated . Indeed, after winter cold waves, the skin can be weakened and severely lacking in hydration. Adapting your beauty routine for exposure to the sun starts with hydrating yourself. intensely , and not just from the outside! Drink to a minimum 1.5L of water is the first step to adopt to find a firm skin And elastic before enjoying the rays of the sun.

In addition, for all skin types, natural moisturizing products provide fundamental nutrients for strengthen there skin barrier while maintaining a hydration ideal. For application to both the face and the entire body, the LA FABULEUSE® Poméol cream allows you to soothe the skin and moisturize sustainably the epidermis. Its exclusive asset, Cicapomme® combines serum and apple sugar to create a protective film skin and hydration immediate.

It is also recommended to exfoliate 1 to 2 times a week to stimulate the skin cell renewal and eliminate the toxins . Use a gentle scrub will allow smooth skin texture and prepare his body to receive the rays of the sun. There FACE FRUIT PASTE® Poméol has the dual power of smoothing and nourishing facial skin to exfoliate soft skin and offer a real moment of well-being . So, how can we not claim a healthy tan And sustainable when the skin is hydrated in depth and freed from all impurity?

Foods to eat before getting your fill of sun

Dietitians agree that the quality of contents of the plate strongly influences the skin quality . To best prepare your skin, it is therefore essential to privilege foods with recognized benefits . We find in particular the food rich in anti-oxidants which allow to struggle against against the formation of free radicals .

THE vitamins E And VS are powerful anti-oxidants who participate in to strenghten the skin faces attacks from the sun while acting against free radicals generated by UV rays. THE fruits And vegetables costs are sources important to vitamin C : oranges, kiwis, strawberries, parsley, red fruits, peppers, cabbage... Perfectly suited to preparing for the sun, they will delight your skin as much as your taste buds. About the vitamin E , it is generally contained in vegetal oils (sunflower, grape seeds, olive, rapeseed) as well as in foods rich in lipids such as avocados, fatty fish or oilseeds (almonds, hazelnuts).

Among the substances with anti-oxidant properties, some plant pigments have the ability to neutralize free radicals, and to strengthen the resistance of the skin facing the sun's rays. These are pigments belonging to the family of carotenoids which give a yellow, orange, red or green color to fruits and vegetables. The pigments that interest us to prepare the skin for the sun are beta-carotene , lutein and the lycopene . They make it possible to optimize tanning and are each found in different fruits and vegetables.

THE beta carotene is the main precursor of the vitamin A (or retinol) which is involved in particular in the prevention of cellular aging. He also participates in extend lasting tan. Fruits and vegetables rich in beta-carotene tend to be colored yellow/orange such as carrots, apricots, mangoes, pumpkins or sweet potatoes.

There lutein has properties anti-oxidants significant to best preserve the skin. Lutein is found mainly in vegetables. dark green color such as broccoli, spinach or collard greens.

Finally, the lycopene is a pigment contained in tomatoes, watermelons or peppers, which gives them their Red color significant. It is an anti-oxidant recognized for its natural benefits and for its power to improve tolerance under the sun.

A food rich in carotenoids and in bring in ACE vitamins will help to prepare effectively the skin in the sun, and sublimate day after day his tan. However, it is necessary to remember that the protective and anti-oxidant properties of these foods do not exempt from applying a appropriate sun protection , from the first exposure to the sun.

Sun food supplements: your skin’s beauty allies

For prepare effectively protect your skin in the sun and give a boost to your tan, natural solar food supplements will be your allies as soon as the sunny days arrive! In capsules, capsules or tablets, solar food supplements boost the natural phenomenon of Sun tanning while preparing the skin for tanning fast And intense .

THE solar food supplements Poméol offer a intensive preparation skin for a perfect golden complexion And gorgeous . THE SUBLIMATEUR® Poméol active gradually tans and protects sustainably the skin and shine hair. For the latecomers who want rapid preparation, the SUN EXPRESS® Poméol was designed to prepare the skin for imminent solar exposure .

Even without direct exposure to the sun, it is also possible to adopt the food supplement AUTOBRONZANT® which stimulates the natural coloring of the skin for a tanned complexion all year round and healthy glow effect guaranteed.

What to prioritize and avoid to prepare your skin for the sun

If the UV sessions seem to be a quick miracle solution for effortless tanning, they hide a completely different one reality . This technique artificial tanning presents many risks for the skin and for health: acceleration of skin aging , occurrence of cancers skin, skin damage irreversible… In addition, the skin weakens , it is absolutely not prepared for the sun and the tan is far from natural.

To properly prepare your skin for the sun, it is recommended to expose yourself gradually under the sun. Indeed, for get used to your skin to the sun's rays, it is recommended to start by short periods of exposure, and in particular when UV radiation is the least dangerous: before 12 p.m. And after 4 p.m.

By adopting these good habits , you offer your skin greater resistance to the sun's rays while preparing it for a even tan And Golden . However, no preparation will be sufficient to completely protect the skin from the sun. This is why the use of solar products to the protection index adapted to your skin type is primordial to optimize all your efforts .

Find out your skin type

Gourmand(e), raffiné(e), épicurien(ne)… on vous aide à identifier votre profil nutritionnel pour éditer vos recommandations perte de poids sur-mesure !