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Lack of radiance: putting an end to dull complexion

Your skin lacks radiance, your complexion is dull, do you want to regain a “good glow” and beautiful skin? Here are our tips for
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Objective: a complexion full of radiance and vitality !

Our skin is a reflection of our general health. For example: you will have dull and tired skin if your digestive system is disrupted! But luckily for you, today we are giving you all our advice on lack of radiance, dull skin and how to brighten your complexion.

Do you have gray skin and a lackluster complexion?

A dull complexion is generally reflected by a grayish appearance. The skin lacks luminosity and homogeneity (uneven complexion) and this gives you a tired, even sad appearance! But then what is the cause of this dull complexion? Understanding the origins of a bad complexion helps to improve it!

The causes of lack of shine

Many factors can cause a lack of shine. Here are a few :

  • Air pollution : Impurities are deposited throughout the day on the surface of our epidermis. The skin can no longer “breathe”. Toxins and free radicals (responsible for cellular aging) accumulate inside our body. This impacts the appearance of the skin.
  • Exposure to the sun : The heterogeneous appearance of the skin can be given by the appearance of brown spots on the face. UV rays are mainly responsible for this skin phenomenon.
  • Stress and fatigue : These two factors impact blood circulation. Nutrient intake is therefore insufficient for the skin (dull skin). Good blood circulation is synonymous with oxygenated skin. Free radicals can form in our body under the effect of oxidative stress and are responsible for cellular aging.
  • Tobacco : Smoking can cause poor oxygenation of the skin and give a grayish complexion.
  • The health of our liver : Our skin reflects our general health.

Digestive problems can cause our skin to deteriorate. The liver can sometimes accumulate “waste” from the body. The toxins will be poorly eliminated by the liver cells and the beauty of the skin is then directly impacted.

It is therefore essential to take care of the health of our liver to have uniform skin and a luminous complexion. Detoxification of the body helps restore a certain hepatic balance.

How to have a radiant complexion?

No more pale and dull complexion! Having a gray complexion gives the impression that we are tired or even sick. Avoid makeup to give a boost of radiance and camouflage the lack of vitality (foundation) because know that it is important to let the skin breathe . Good news: there are simple everyday actions to even out your complexion naturally and protect the skin.

Here is our skincare routine to restore radiance to all skin types!

To have a luminous complexion, you must protect yourself against external aggressions (pollution and sun) whatever your skin texture. This is to avoid the action of free radicals.

Cleansing your face well is therefore essential to boost radiance and regain vitality (a real boost of facial radiance!). You may be wondering how to make sure you have a clean face? We tell you everything on the subject:

Double cleansing is the most effective routine and particularly suitable for dry and fragile skin. It contributes to the oxygenation of the skin: an essential criterion for obtaining luminous skin.

To do this, apply a cleansing oil. Its oily nature will eliminate particles accumulated throughout the day (pollution, sebum, makeup).

Do not hesitate to use scrubs to remove dead cells . You will stimulate cell renewal to fight against the signs of aging (wrinkles, fine lines, etc.). The skin is oxygenated, free of toxins and radiance is regained.

Exfoliation also allows the active ingredients of cosmetic products to penetrate more effectively. You can exfoliate once or twice a week to get all the benefits. Then, do not hesitate to apply a facial radiance serum, dull skin serum or even a facial radiance treatment.

Massages are also an excellent solution for reactivating blood microcirculation in the face and restoring radiance.

You can also do a steam bath once a week to unclog your pores and eliminate impurities. You can add an essential oil to benefit from the beneficial effects (tea tree, lavender, ylang-ylang oils for radiance, etc.). Stay for around twenty minutes above the container containing the hot water and essential oil.

To finish the routine in style, apply an oil or moisturizing cream (day cream). Hydration is as important from the inside as it is from the outside, so also remember to drink 1.5L of water per day to maximize results. The hydration of our skin is preserved thanks to the hydrolipidic film.

Sleep to have a rested complexion. The skin regeneration process takes place at night. Lack of sleep will leave you looking dull and tired.

Also practice regular physical activity to combat daily stress and regain vitality and radiance!

Finally, diet also directly impacts the skin. The intake of certain nutrients helps fight against lack of radiance. In particular vitamins A, C, B8, B2 and minerals such as zinc and copper. Choose foods rich in pigments (carrots, tomatoes, etc.). Also opt for detoxifying, antioxidant and fiber-rich foods (fruits and vegetables such as artichokes, grapefruit, garlic, cabbage, spinach, etc.).

Food supplements can be a source of specific nutrients to say goodbye to a dull face and gray complexion. They can complement daily care like double cleansing and scrubs.

Don't wait any longer to have a radiant complexion!

Find out your skin type

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