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Natural gastric balloon and weight loss: a solution that works

How to stop being hungry to lose weight effectively and sustainably? Several solutions exist on the market: balls
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It all starts from the saying: “Have eyes bigger than your stomach.” » Many overweight French people struggle to eat less and better.

In question, the compulsive eating disorders . It is estimated that 3 to 5% of the French population suffers from hyperphagia, i.e. untimely snacking. even a food orgy. This movement accelerated in 2020 with the consequences of Covid-19: sedentary lifestyle, stress, etc.?

These episodes of bulimia increase the stomach size : the portions ingested are too large. A vicious circle then begins: the more we eat, the more we need to eat. For people who suffer from these episodes of bulimia, it is more difficult to feel normal fullness. Classic diets don't work and you feel a permanent feeling of hunger. How can you lose weight effectively and sustainably without the yo-yo effect?

Natural gastric balloons: revolutionary technology

A few years ago, a revolutionary technology emerged. Have you heard of a natural gastric balloon? This incredible alternative to the gastric band would allow you to losing weight without going to the hospital and for a lower cost?

THE natural gastric balloons are generally composed of plant fibers which have water and oil retention properties, and therefore swell on contact with stomach contents. This phenomenon is therefore completely natural, via the same mechanical mode of action that gastric balloons.

THE natural gastric balloon swells and therefore lines part of the stomach c, which generates a feeling of satiety , and therefore reduces food intake. In certain cases, the gel formed also makes it possible to trap/capture part of the fats and sugars which is then not absorbed by the body and therefore not stored.

Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia: the natural gastric balloon available in pharmacies

Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia: a natural appetite suppressant to lose weight

Innovation from Laboratoires Clémascience, Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia is an oral medical device used in the weightloss and the prevention of obesity .

This medical device is a regulated product which bears, under these regulations, the CE 0477 marking.

It's the whole first natural gastric balloon created after many years of research to identify fibers with the most interesting water and oil retention powers, and also to follow advances in the star bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila , which we will talk about next.

Taken before each meal in the form of capsules, the product swells and lines part of the stomach , providing feeling of fullness which can last up to 4 hours*, without any feeling of bloating . The appetite is then moderated, satiety is faster, allowing you to eat smaller portions over the long term.

Step by step, the stomach and the brain become accustomed to this new eating habit. No more cravings!

Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia: an effective calorie sensor

By expanding in the stomach, Acti Ball naturally captures part of the sugars and fats ingested. It thus reduces on average 25% of caloric intake, 33% of total free fatty acids and 20% of fast sugars*.

These captured fats and sugars are then eliminated naturally. This capture of calories has been demonstrated in a clinical study which proves that taking Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia allows an average weight loss of around 1.6 kg from 15 days and 2.8 kg from 30 days* .

Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia: a regenerator of the intestinal flora

Its innovation was born from a scientific discovery on the specific study of the microbiota and French Research. It all started with a simple observation: the more Akkermansia muciniphila we have, the more normal and healthy we have, and vice versa!

So Akkermansia muciniphila is linked to our natural ability to lose weight . But what do we really know about her? After 16 years of research on this recently discovered bacteria, its essential roles in weight loss and health have been clarified.

They can be distinguished into 3 parts:

  • a mechanical role of increasing mucus, which allows for a reinforced intestinal barrier ;
  • a nutritional role because mucus, living environment for bacteria which bathe in it, allows them to be nourished and therefore able to develop.
  • a physiological role because it releases essential metabolites with health effects remarkable and in particular on the control of the storage of fats and sugars.

In certain people, different factors (unbalanced industrial diet too rich in sugars and fats and low in fiber; heredity; hormonal imbalance; environmental factors, etc.) can disrupt and unbalance the microbiota .

Akkermansia weakens then, which causes a modification of the microbial population in quantity and quality. There weight gain is then only the result of a cascade effect with a series of metabolic disturbances which begins at the level of the microbiota before spreading to the body.

It was necessary to rethink the management of overweight through Akkermansia , which has widely demonstrated its effectiveness as treatment of overweight and obesity , but for which implementation was until now difficult to achieve, due to its very specific growing conditions!

A pasteurized form has been tested in humans, but it is not available on the market.

The only solutions available until now to regenerate this bacteria are based on fecal transplantation which was first tested in mice and then in humans; and on a specific and controlled diet with the ingestion of 25 types of fruits and vegetables/week over several months to renew your microbiota .

Poméol has carried out extensive research - among other things on apples and their fibers - to develop a simple and complete solution.

These studies made it possible to understand the mechanical and physiological actions of fibers according to their physicochemical structure, their solubility, their shape, etc.

This expertise is now recognized and has led to a major innovation for weight loss: the first natural gastric balloon to regenerate the intestinal flora, a capsule that swells in the stomach . Undigested by the stomach, the fiber complex of Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia reaches the colon, which allows regeneration Akkermansia from 48 hours: x65*.

But then how regeneration of Akkermansia allows you to find your ability to lose weight ? Simply by restoring the mucus and the composition of the microbiota, in particular by improving the Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio but also by increasing the production of metabolites to health effects and weight loss .

Thus Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia is made up of patented microgranules which are composed of plant microfibers.

This gastric balloon to swallow is 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan and offers a dual action:

  • mechanics of sugar and fat capture,
  • physiological regeneration of Akkermansia muciniphila .

Indicated for overweight which is defined by a BMI between 25 and 30 and which affects 40% of French people (including obese people), Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia offers a complete approach by creating a natural and vegetable gastric balloon .

It thus facilitates the implementation of basic recommendations to act against excess weight and prevent obesity by restoring the natural ability to lose weight.

The swallowable gastric balloon is an alternative to bariatric surgery and medications. There are a multitude of tips or solutions available on the market to reduce hunger and lose weight: ranging from the most natural and least expensive to the most invasive and expensive. There is therefore something for all tastes, all wallets and above all all the problems that may be encountered.

Gastric balloon: what you need to know

Gastric balloon to reduce the size of the stomach

For ten years, the gastric balloon is an interesting alternative in the management of overweight and obesity. Several models exist and adapt to everyone.

As its name suggests, it is a balloon that is placed in the stomach without surgery. The volume occupies in the stomach creates a feeling of fullness and leads to a reduction of food portions : the transit will be slowed down.

A healthy lifestyle with some nutritional advice , physical activity and one Psychological support to ensure its success is essential, in particular to allow a lasting effect when the ball is removed.

For who ?

THE gastric balloon is indicated in overweight or obese patients with a BMI between 25 and up to 35. For a BMI greater than 35, other techniques, this time surgical procedures , are offered to the patient.

Generally speaking, 2 options are submitted:

  • THE polyurethane balloon , placed in the stomach for 4 to 6 months, is indicated for people with a BMI between 25 and 35 who have not managed to lose weight sustainably even with the help of medical programs.
  • THE soft silicone balloon , placed in the stomach for a year, is indicated for patients whose BMI is between 30 and 35, who have also not obtained lasting results with other medical programs .

Stomach reduction surgery: a radical solution that has proven itself

We talk about the stomach reduction surgery , but there are several:

  • The best known to the general public is the gastric band . It involves placing an adjustable ring around the upper part of the stomach . Gastric banding is the only surgery that is reversible.
  • The 2nd technique is sleeve gastrectomy . It consists of remove 2/3 of the stomach of the patient and in particular the part which has the cells which secrete the appetite hormone: ghrelin .
  • The 3rd technique is that of bypass gastric . It is much more complex than the others. The stomach is cut so that the esophagus is directly connected to the small intestine thanks to a short circuit.

If the installation of a Gastric Band or the sleeve gastrectomy are recommended for obese people with a BMI between 35 and 45; THE b y pass gastric will only be offered in the cases of obesity the most severe: a BMI greater than 45.

A final technique was developed in 2020: B-CLAMP . It is a titanium clamp covered in silicone. It is placed vertically around the stomach , then closed and sutured, in order to separate the stomach in 2 allowing the volume of the stomach to be reduced .

Natural appetite reducers: how do they work?

How to suppress your appetite naturally and no longer feel hungry to lose weight?

Before going through the box drastic diet Or appetite suppressant , several tips allow you to reduce your appetite naturally and of regulate your energy intake .

Keep in mind that it's all about balance: if you consume more calories that what you spend during the day, your body will store. Even more so if it's a habit.

Even before rebalancing your diet , you must take care of the first phase of digestion: chewing . The ideal is to eat your meals in good conditions: seated, in a pleasant environment, without a screen, and above all take the time to chew each bite. In summary, it is necessary eat slowly mindfully so that the brain has time to assimilate that the stomach is filling and thus feel the satiety .

Another important point for reduce appetite : the quality of the meal while respecting a balanced diet of course.

It is therefore a question of consuming enough proteins . Digested very slowly by the body, they allow you to be satisfied more quickly. THE good lipids should not be neglected either: they also allow better satiety .

On the other hand, beware of saturated fatty acids which should be limited as much as possible!

Therefore, choose to good dietary fats such as those contained in the fatty fish , oilseed (almonds, walnuts, etc.).

We never think about it enough but sleep and stress affect appetite. Too much stress or poor sleep causes hormonal imbalance which increases the appetite. Result one weight gain.

Finally, it is essential to have a routine for meals. try eat at the same time and do not skip meals . If you regularly deprive your body of a meal, it will tend to store up to compensate for the next famine. It's written in our genes and it's what allowed us to survive times when food could sometimes be scarce.

What are the most effective natural appetite suppressants?

There are many natural appetite suppressants.

THE proteins are your allies to keep. Their digestion being very slow, they allow you to feel full for a long time.

Because they have particular mechanical properties, fibers are very important. There are 2 types: soluble and insoluble fiber .

THE soluble fiber mix with water in the stomach. They form a gel. They extend the feeling of satiety , decrease the absorption of lipids And slow down the digestion of carbohydrates . The formation of this gel slows down the time of transit .

THE insoluble fibers , have a strong power of Water retention. They increase the volume of stools and help regulate intestinal function . They tend to accelerate transit . Fibers are present in many vegetables , plants and cereals : agar-agar, konjac, apple, wheat germ, whole foods, oats, white beans, etc.

There apple is by far the natural appetite suppressant the most known. Its secret, pectin. This fiber swells in the stomach and produces an appetite suppressant effect.

What are the appetite suppressant techniques?

Another appetite suppressant tip to control snacking : drink a large glass of water.

Drinking a glass of water fills your stomach and creates distension of the latter, which calms hunger .

Having a balanced diet limits compulsive cravings at the sight of a sweet food and allows you to focus on a physiological need for eat.

A snack allows you to last until the evening meal, but be careful, not just any snack! A fruit with some oilseeds (walnuts, almonds, etc.) allows you to settle down while remaining balanced.

How to reduce stomach size naturally?

All the tips mentioned for reduce appetite and suppress hunger allow in the long term to reduce the size of the stomach.

By taking healthy lifestyle habits , eating less, the stomach re-educates itself by adapting its size to the quantities consumed.

However deprive of food by following drastic diets or by eliminating certain foods from our plates such as fats, is never an effective solution. It can even be disastrous for both health and weight: yoyo effect, weight regain with a weight higher than the initial one, metabolic dysfunctions, etc.

Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia: a medical device for weight loss in pharmacies

What is the difference between a drug, a medical device and a food supplement for weight loss?

These different product categories are not subject to the same regulatory requirements. Their functions are also distinct.

THE Food supplements have no therapeutic action. They cannot claim to prevent, treat or cure a pathology.

Vitamins, amino acids, minerals or plants: so many active ingredients that can be found just as easily in a food supplement or in a medication. What changes? The dosage. This is much more important in drugs which therefore have a therapeutic effect.

It is also important to note that a drug has:

  • either a pharmacological action (interaction between the active substance and a cellular component of the human body),
  • either immunological (defense reaction of the body),
  • or metabolic (transformation of a substance within the body).

But then, what about the medical device?

THE medical device corresponds to a wide range of products: instrument, device, equipment, material, product including accessories and software used alone or in combination, for medical purposes in humans. The main action of a medical device is not achieved by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means.

Concerning Acti Ball Pro Akkermansia, its mode of action is physical.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

*For more information and references to scientific studies, read the instructions carefully.

Reference: BLOGABPRO1021 - Date updated: 06/10/2021

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