Vieillissement de la peau : Comment y remédier ?

Aging of the skin: How to fix it?

Wrinkles, fine lines, crow's feet, sagging skin... Over time, our skin becomes more fragile and less able to protect itself from damage.

Poméol gives you its explanations and advice to regain suppleness, bounce, firmness and freshness of yesteryear.

The causes of skin aging

Factors causing wrinkles

Cellular aging results in the inevitable appearance of signs of aging on the face. Cellular renewal slows down over time, the dermis loses elasticity and flexibility . There skin becomes thinner and the wrinkles deepen . In question ? Dehydration of your skin . Your skin loses its ability to retain water, it dries out and loses its bounce.

The structure of the skin is altered over time, since the production of collagen, elastin and of decorin decreases over the years and particularly following menopause. THE collagen being a structural protein of the dermis (like elastin), it ensures the good health of our skin.

Furthermore, exposure to the sun induces the production of free radicals by our body, responsible for cellular aging. Repeated and prolonged exposure to the sun can therefore lead to premature aging of the skin and promotes water loss .

Signs of aging

It exists two types of wrinkles : THE mechanical wrinkles and the static wrinkles .

  • Mechanical wrinkles are linked to the repeated contraction of facial muscles. They are also known as expression lines . There are three main ones: frown lines (between the eyebrows, first wrinkles that appear), crow's feet (corners of the eye) and the forehead.
  • Static wrinkles , also called age wrinkles, are caused by sagging skin. The three main ones are the bitter lines (corners of the mouth and chin), the nasolabial fold (wings of the nose to the dimple of the lips) and the neckline wrinkles (chin to the bottom of the neck).

Routines to adopt to prevent wrinkles and delay skin aging

Prevent in the present for preserve in the future, this is our motto! The evolution of the face with age is specific to each person and depending on their genetic heritage and lifestyle, it is possible to face premature aging . Each individual has a genetic factor determining the age at which this process begins...there is no possible control over this factor, apart from acceptance! As a general rule, it is important to preserve your skin from 25 years old (average age of start of cell aging).

The main solution lies in the restoring hydration skin. This water supply must be done not only surface for an effect immediate but especially in deep layers skin for action sustainable .

Poméol food supplements can prove to be of valuable help for fight against aging of the skin naturally. Indeed, they can provide specific elements as needed for skin lacking flexibility, bounce and firmness (vitamins, minerals, structural proteins such as collagen and elastin). Poméol's expertise thus focuses on a selection of active ingredients with antioxidant, protective against oxidative stress and rejuvenating benefits.

Poméol has developed a powerful health and beauty food supplement. Formulated with vitamins A, C and E and selenium, it acts as a real shield against oxidative stress. This way, your skin is protected from free radicals that cause cellular aging.

Our Research and Development department has designed an exclusive Poméol complex: Pomadermine - Q15 containing an apple polyphenol. Due to its strong antioxidant properties and its supportive power for the skin, it also participates in the formation of collagen through the action of decorin (marker of tissue rejuvenation).

Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet will help you preserve your skin, fight against sagging skin and stock up on natural antioxidants (by consuming fruits and vegetables).

What anti-wrinkle foods?

Focus on foods rich in antioxidants , vitamins and in Omega 3 . These are capable of trapping free radicals responsible for cellular aging (wrinkled skin) and maintaining normal skin.

Here is our selection of 6 foods to rejuvenate the skin :

  • Kiwi for its high vitamin C content
  • Oilseeds (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds) for their content of “good fats” (omega 3)
  • Fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines
  • Tomatoes rich in vitamin C
  • Vegetable oils such as flax, very rich in omega 3
  • Carrot or sweet potato rich in beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A)

Small everyday gestures to reduce facial wrinkles and fight against premature aging.

You are probably wondering if there is a grandmother's remedy for firming skin other than anti-wrinkle serums? Although miracle cures do not exist, a few steps can nevertheless allow you to visibly reduce the wrinkles on your face while fighting against premature aging. We reveal them to you here:

1. Skin hydration remains the first action to adopt to fight against skin aging. A skin hydrated is more flexible, less prone to tightness and protected from cellular aging. Hydration is done from the inside (drinking water) AND from the outside (applying creams). It is important not to neglect one of these two good behaviors. Drink at least 1.5L of water per day. This will help you maintain good hydration in your skin, which is essential to combat sagging skin. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule present in the dermis and capable of capturing water. It is often present in anti-aging serums to plump the skin. The form vectorized, patented , is used by Poméol in its serum MAGIC PULP for his ultra high penetration .

2. Think of to clean your face morning AND evening. Also, don't forget to remove makeup from your skin every evening before bed with makeup removing lotions, cleansers and moisturizing creams.

3. Choose the products adapted to your needs and your profile. It is essential to know how moisturize your skin well, especially mature skin . The choice of a suitable cream allows you to fill the specific needs for every age group and every skin type.

4. Make scrubs once a week helps purify the skin of impurities and stimulate cellular renewal . You can incorporate lemon and olive oil for wrinkles for their benefits. Choose a natural product for facial skin.

5. Another everyday gesture is massage of the face which ensures good blood circulation .

6. Stay away from stress which impacts the protective barrier skin. You can practice regular physical activity that helps you relax (yoga, walking, running).

7. Good sleep is also crucial to rest your skin, allow it to regenerate and prevent the appearance of signs of aging.

Don't wait any longer to have firm and plump skin by combining the actions In (food supplement) and out (cosmetic) as well as all the good tips from Poméol laboratories!

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