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The secret to healthy hair: Focus on the scalp

Delve deep into scalp science to unlock the mysteries of hair health. Discover its vital role in

Healthy And balanced , a healthy scalp is capable of giving rise to beautiful healthy hair .

First of all, it is important to remember that it houses the hair follicles from which hair is born.

The scalp constitutes the living part of the hair which are implanted in the dermis.

THE dermis , i.e. the deep layer of the scalp, is made up of numerous blood vessels . This strong innervation makes the scalp an area privileged exchange used by the roots to draw in the nutrients necessary for the growth and vitality of the hair.

Another major role of the scalp, that of physical barrier. A real shield against external aggressions, it regulates hydration by lubricating the hair which gives it its soft and shiny appearance.

Why is it necessary to take care of it?

Hair is an inert material, so it is at the scalp level that everything happens. The health and beauty of your hair depends on it!

The scalp is an autonomous area capable of self-regulating. Most of the time, gentle and suitable shampoos are sufficient to eliminate the impurities and/or dead cells that accumulate on its surface.

However, certain factors such as stress, climatic and environmental conditions, and unsuitable hair care can harm its balance and lead to reaction symptoms.

Overstimulated, it reacts excessively (e.g. itchy scalp, irritation, feelings of discomfort). In this case, it is necessary appease scalp. Otherwise, if it lacks vitality and tone it will be necessary to stimulate particularly through blood circulation.

And in case of sweat ? Sweating of the scalp, like that of the body or face, is a natural phenomenon. It contributes to thermal insulation and therefore has the role of cooling us in the event of physical exercise or extreme heat, for example.

However, this phenomenon can be disrupted. Excessive scalp sweating has a name: hyperhidrosis. In 90% of cases, its cause remains unknown. However, we now know that this phenomenon can be amplified by certain treatments or intense stressful situations. In this case, it is essential to avoid the use of detergent shampoos which dry out the hair, overactivate the sebaceous glands and cause excessive secretion of sebum which causes oily hair. Prefer gentle, natural and respectful shampoos.

Some good actions to adopt

A good washing routine:

Be careful with the composition of certain cleansing hair care products whose ingredients go against the desired “clean” effect. Certain ingredients can suffocate the hair and scalp, such as silicones and mineral oils, which have an immediate beautifying effect by improving detangling and shine of the hair but which ultimately create an occlusive film on its surface. This envelope is inert and difficult to pass through by future treatments that will be applied.

Daily brushing:

Brushing the hair with a suitable brush (for example made of boar bristles) is a simple mechanical gesture which allows the hair scales to be closed, the sebum produced by the scalp to be distributed over the lengths, but also to eliminate dirt, dead cells and pollution residues so that the hair breathes better. However, be sure to adopt respectful gestures and avoid too brutal brush strokes.

A scalp massage:

We talked about the importance of scalp microcirculation on which the supply of essential nutrients in quality and quantity for the hair follicle depends. To boost this vascularization and oxygenation of the scalp , a head massage ritual can be initiated. It can be done dry or with a special hair growth serum for a tenfold action.

With its 17 years of experience in the hair field and its research into the countless virtues of apple polyphenols, Poméol invites you to add the multi-regenerating hair serum to your routine.

True nutritious cocktail, it is formulated from an exclusive active ingredient: B-capipelin® . This selective apple polyphenol extract comes from the skin of the fruit. Combined with organic cedar & rosemary essential oils, cystine and wheat protein (also called vegetable keratin) for their synergistic action on the hair bulb, it helps to strengthen the hair fiber.

This serum with a non-greasy texture is applied with the fingertips for localized and immediate action.

A suitable hairstyle:

Hair tied very tightly or pulled back very often damages the hair shaft and causes sensitivity in the scalp. Forget dancer's buns and other high ponytails, free your hair!

You now have all the keys to maintaining healthy roots and healthy hair!

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